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Introducing Enterprise Tester Rover, for all of your offline and mobile testing needs!

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Enterprise Tester 4.10 introduces support for Rover, the ET mobile plugin

Test Anywhere with Rover

We are very excited to introduce Enterprise Tester Rover, our new mobile plugin for ET which gives users the flexibility to test anywhere. With Rover, users will now be able to access ET’s core features whether you’re working offsite or all the way in outer space!

Supported on Windows machines and devices, Rover allows you to select and download execution sets, individual script assignments and incidents to your local machine or device, run those tests offline and then upload the results and incidents back to ET.

All you’ll need is an internet connection to copy the test runs over to your machine or device and upload the results back to ET once testing is complete. It’s that simple!

Great for Business Testers

Rover delivers functionality at the core of ET: Test Execution. Rover is great for BAU testing (Business as Usual), supporting the synchronization of Execution Sets (script assignments and test runs) and Incidents (defects), meaning upskill time is quick and users can continue to focus on what’s important: running tests!

In addition, all permissions are inherited from the user’s ET profile meaning Rover users will only be able to view and access projects that have been assigned to them in ET.

Features and Fixes for Enterprise Tester v4.10

In Enterprise Tester v4.10, we’ve tackled a number of enhancements and fixes, including further improvement to the integration with JIRA 5.2 and above.

We’ve also introduced an exciting new beta feature for our ET Administrators. The new audit logging feature (currently in beta) is for admins to monitor important security events on their server. In this beta, we’re introducing a sub-set of events that we believe are essential for ET Administrators.

For more information, please view the Rover product page and ET v4.10 release notes.


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