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Release notes

V5.2 Enhancements

This release is a major for Catch Cloud customers. The release also delivers goodness in the form of Okta to SAML 2.0 integration, as well as other less major improvements and fixes.  This time round, we've focused on usability and security. 

Additional security features for Catch Cloud Premium customers include options for encryption of data at rest, real time virus scanning of attachment uploads, and High Availability services.  Okta Single Sign On via SAML 2.0, extends enterprise-grade identity and mobility management for all your apps, users and devices and runs in the cloud on a secure, reliable platform integrating deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems. This is good.

As always, keen to hear your thoughts and feedback here.  Now we draw breath for what we believe are going to be some game-changing new capability plugged for rollout in 5.3.  Seriously, keep your ears on for this announcement.


New:               Virus scanning on attachment uploads  

New:               Encryption of Data at Rest.

New:               Configurable files upload restrictions based on file extensions.


New:               Enterprise Tester OKTA integration for SAML 2.0

New:               Attachment gallery view for next and previous images.

New:               Much better pasting screenshot experience on modern browsers.