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As an ever growing company, we pride ourselves on changing the way innovation, quality and testing is performed by organizations around the world, both big and small. Working within a dynamic and supportive office environment, there is a diverse team of committed, energetic and talented people that bring all qualities in assisting Catch to be a flexible and creative place to work.

At Catch you are encouraged to grow your knowledge and skills to reach your full potential. We do this through on the job development, training, exposure to tasks and projects that will help expand your capabilities.

The company works in conjunction with employees to identify their career aspirations and support them in developing a career plan to achieve their goals. We offer a wide variety of career options, where every one of our employees has a role in driving the business forward.



Catch is a diverse company of talented problem solvers. We believe that it is the individual and collective efforts of our staff that makes our business thrive.

We are committed to developing an internal culture that empowers individuals to take ownership, and support creativity and innovation.  Our key focus is to create an effective succession system that attracts, rewards and retains good employees and help them grow.

Internship programme 

We support talented young people from diverse academic backgrounds and provide them with real work life experiences to help them explore and develop their interests, professional skills and competencies.

Our intern programme provides formal on-the-job training, professional guidance and assists in helping gain better work habits and higher technical and industry skills. It is also an opportunity to obtain a positive recommendation for a future employer.

Giving back to the community

Catch is committed to supporting and improving on the three main Pillars of Sustainability (Social – Environmental – Economic), and integrating them into our core business activities and values.

Each month our staff are involved in a variety of internal/external wellbeing activities to support these.  Some activities to date have included; Tree planting on Motuihe Island, donations to the 'City Mission', and volunteering with ‘Eat my Lunch’ to deliver school lunches to children around Auckland.

Interested in a career with Catch?

Recruiting is as much as about you choosing to join us, as us selecting you. Whether you are applying for a current vacancy or would like to register your interest in working for Catch, send your details to hr@catchsoftware.com

We would love to hear from you!