About Catch

Catch Software was founded on 6th July 2004 in Auckland, New Zealand. Starting off in the SDLC space as a consultancy business with testing as its niche, it soon came apparent that the requirement for a test management tool was needed, when other suitable tools were unable to be found. Catch took on the initiative to develop its own product to help manage its internal testing but also on behalf of their customers. 

A key objective was to provide an enterprise level tool enabling the customer to realise value through creating and maintaining quality standards across the organisation. In February 2008 Enterprise Tester was first released. By providing an intuitive enterprise tool, customers are able to achieve greater visibility and traceability of their quality life cycle. Enterprise Tester is now used by organizations worldwide, in a wide variety of sectors from government to high profile Silicon Valley tech companies, to SME. 

Strategic partnerships are key to the Catch story. From the beginning in 2004 Catch has been a partner of Microsoft and now has the status of Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. In 2007 the company partnered with Atlassian, gaining a status of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, reflecting the investment in both training to the team as well as recommending the Atlassian solution to their customers. Catch has focused on adding value through integration between the two solutions, enabling customers to use the Atlassian & Catch platform toolchain, increasing their agility, maturing their practices, and developing better products and services.

Additional to the two partnerships, Catch also has an enterprise grade of infrastructure and hosting platform to support Atlassian, Catch Platform, Azure Dev-ops and third-party toolchains. We brand these solutions Catch Cloud ranging from a single instance through to highly sophisticated secure environments.

Vision: Evolve business, Everywhere

Catch continually collaborate with globally distributed customers to transform their business and lead the way towards quality throughout their organization.

Mission: Continuously innovate to create long term economic, environmental and social sustainability for everyone

Core Values


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