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Uncover the benefits, dispel myths, and plan a successful migration to Atlassian Cloud.


Migration Services for Atlassian Cloud

What's fact vs. fiction when it comes to cloud apps?

We’re debunking some of the most common myths.

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MYTH - Cloud apps aren't secure

FACT: Strong security is a top priority, which is why Atlassian enforces maximum security requirements, self-assessment programs, & more to ensure your org is secure!

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MYTH - I can't migrate my apps

FACT: Atlassian offers free migration tools & app assessments. Even better, work with an Atlassian-certified Solution Partner to audit and migrate hour apps successfully without disrupting business.

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MYTH - Cloud app functionality is limited compared to on-perm.

FACT: Atlassian has over 1.000 cloud apps and supports about 50% more interactions than servers. View all cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.


Top 5 reasons to move to the cloud and why those that haven't are already falling behind.

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Cloud sets customers free to focus their time and resources on their core business

Future-proof your teams with scalable data controls – security, recovery and encryption. Team members get instant access to the latest updates, features, improvements and integrations from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Scale faster and more affordably
  • Increase profits and lower costs
  • Improve speed and performance
  • Future proof against competitive forces
  • Increase team productivity

While most businesses have successfully migrated their Atlassian stack to the cloud, there are still organizations who may be hesitant to make the transition from self-hosted to cloud-based environments.

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Miths and Facts

Some of the most common myths about moving to Atlassian cloud.

We help you make the right decision for your business by separating fact from fiction as we debunk some of the most common myths about moving to Atlassian cloud:
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Know Your Options and Plan Your Migration

We've created resources for you to get informed about the coming migration options and how to ensure your optimal licensing cost strategy.
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Catch is here to help guide your business through every step of the way.

Contact us for your free one-on-one consultation to discuss the next steps for migrations, renewals, and how to make sure you get the best possible pricing with a plan and timeline tailored to the needs of your business, and aligned with the specific changes coming in your Atlassian stack.