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See all project information at a glance with Jira Work Management

Manage your projects and keep your team organized.

Manage projects

Managing projects and tasks in Jira Work Management starts with a workflow.

Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks. Accelerate your organization by mapping your processes into Jira Work Management, identify opportunities to automate approvals and make decisions quicker with Jira Work Management.

Monitor details

Task management is easier with statuses, comments, and attachments in one place. Collaborating on a project’s details at a glance without having to email or set up a meeting will optimize project management. Plus, with notifications, you’ll know when your attention is needed.

Measure performance

How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate? Using an efficient cloud-based collaboration tool like Jira Work Management, you can follow the status of your team’s projects in different ways: with a quick overview, customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report. Add a calendar view and you’re set.

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Boost Project Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of project management with Jira Work Management’s intuitive features.