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Enable product teams to capture and prioritize ideas, and align everyone with product roadmaps - all in Jira

Bring order to chaos

When it comes to building products, there are so many data points to consider. Analytics, customer desires, sales. How can PMs gather all of it, prioritize, and build the right features that will actually make an impact and help them keep one step ahead? Jira Product Discovery.

Keep everyone aligned

Jira Product Discovery takes the pressure off product managers by allowing them to create custom roadmaps to share with various stakeholders. Sales wants to know what quarter a new feature is coming? No problem. Your boss wants to see what’s coming down the pipeline? No problem. Take a peek.

They don’t just see what’s coming but why – the reasoning, context, and data behind the decisions. Everyone is aligned so you spend your time building great products instead of persuading and updating.

Bridge the gap - in Jira

With Jira Product Discovery, PMs have their own dedicated space, separate from JSW – but still connected. Not just a poor integration with a third-party app – it is natively integrated. Same same but different.

Now you can bring work to where devs already are, enabling a two way conversation between discovery and delivery on one Jira platform so teams collaborate, continuously improve and build better.

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Build better with Jira Product Discovery

Move seamlessly from product ideation to customer delivery with Jira Product Discovery.