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The best way to keep customers and employees informed during downtime

Downtime happens. Be prepared with Statuspage.

Cut support costs

Whether it’s a server issue, bug in production, or DDoS attack, the simple truth is that downtime happens. Launch your status page and ditch the flood of support emails during an outage. Get in front of incident communication so your team can focus on fixing the problem at hand.

Build customer trust

Customers value transparency. Allow them to opt into real-time outage and scheduled maintenance alerts out of the box with Statuspage. It’s your ultimate IT support software to turn a tough situation into a memorable customer experience.

Public pages for customers

Give your customers the insight they need by displaying the status of each core component of your service. Show your uptime track record by publishing key performance metrics like uptime and response time, making business management a lot more streamlined. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.

Private pages for employees

Incident communication through mass emails no longer cuts it when you’re running services for hundreds or thousands of employees. Give employees one source of truth and let them opt-into relevant notifications. Hook your private page up to SSO, automate away with your monitoring tools, and never reply to a “what’s the status” email again.

Jira Software customers said:

The #1 benefit of adding Confluence was creating a single source of truth for software documentation.

Tap into the status of 150+ cloud software providers

Display the status of the mission critical tools that your service relies on. Statuspage features the largest and fastest growing network of Third-Party Components from services like Stripe, Mailgun, and PagerDuty. Pick and choose the tools you use.

Updates straight from the source

With Third-Party Components, your status page will update the second that one of your providers degrades their own status or flips the switch back to operational. No need to play middle man or chase down providers to get an update.

Automate incident communication

Integrate with your monitoring, alerting, and ChatOps tools. Create a powerful incident communication workflow.
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Elevate Incident Communication

Strengthen customer trust by optimizing incident communication with Statuspage’s powerful features.

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Create your components

Whether it’s your website, API, or the WiFi in the office, show the status of all the different services within your infrastructure and operations.

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Decide on common language

Store responses for common incidents using Incident Templates. No more scrambling for the perfect thing to say when systems go down.

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Enable subscriptions

Get ahead of the mile-long support queue during an outage. Let users subscribe to email and SMS notifications for your whole system or individual components.

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Make it yours

Customize the look and feel of your status page and make users feel at home by using your own logo, CSS, and HTML.

Launch your status page quickly and easily.

It's simple to get started and flexible for growing teams.

Incidents & scheduled maintenance

Incidents are the backbone of your status communication. Let your users know about real-time outages and upcoming scheduled maintenance while preparing ahead of time with Incident Templates.

Performance Metrics

Integrate with the monitoring tools you already use to display metrics like uptime and response time. Build trust, show reliability, and let your customers self-support.

Lives outside your infrastructure

We’ve spent countless hours making sure Statuspage is available when you need us by building redundancies across the entire stack. When you have a major outage, your status page is up and running.


Don’t see an integration that you need? Create your own using the Statuspage API. Want to embed your status in-app or on your support portal? Use our embeddable javascript library to make it happen.

Powerful add-ons & integrations

Access an always-growing collection of free add-ons and integrations. From pushing incident updates to Twitter, to automating your incident creation from PagerDuty, we’re always working on new extensions to the core product.

Single sign-on for enterprises

Only need to communicate with your employees? Hide your status page from the public and secure user access via SAML-based SSO or Google Authentication.