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Atlassian Services

We have been an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner since 2007 and offer a range of Atlassian Services to suit your needs.
Platinum Solution partner

Our business and technical expertise means you can make the most from your Atlassian investment allowing you to create, manage and optimize your information and business services that utilize JIRA, Confluence and any of the other Atlassian suite of tools.

At Catch Software, we aim to provide a holistic approach, focusing on growing your capability at a pace that is sustainable to provide long-term lasting change along with an uptick in your team’s productivity. We offer Atlassian Certified Training to build your foundational knowledge, along with Managed Administration and Support enabling our expertise to mesh with your business vertical knowledge.

If you are working through your cloud transformation journey, Catch provides Atlassian Cloud Migrations to ensure your existing knowledge is transformed, retained and made available under the correct Atlassian Cloud edition to ensure your data is secured correctly.

Atlassian Training

Atlassian certified training courses.

Atlassian Consulting Services

Tailored services to ensure effective workflow

Support Services

Explore managed support options

License Management

A smarter way to manage your licenses

Atlassian Technical Services

Explore technical services for seamless deployment and enhanced product functionality.

Cloud Migration

Ensure a smooth transition to Atlassian Cloud with our migration services