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Atlassian Consulting Services

Atlassian Consulting services to help you work effectively, efficiently and break down barriers to ensure that your tool-chain, works for you and your organisation.

Some of the services that are offered within our Professional Services framework.

  • Infrastructure and Process Health Check
  • Solution Design
  • Business Process and Roadmap Consultation
  • Coaching and Training
  • Migration and Upgrade Services

Atlassian Health Check

Through Catch and Atlassian products, customers have adopted the right tools.

However, with an awareness of the risks and issues with the stability of their platforms, application configurations or people practice, customers may not be sure what to do next. Through discovery workshops, analysis and reporting, our experts deliver a clear sight of all the issues and risks to provide a sequenced plan of recommendations with option implementation to help evolve.

Atlassian Solution Design

We understand the struggles with the practice know how to choose.

Implement and get-going with the right tooling in the domain where Catch is an expert, therefore we can work with you to define solution options and implement them. Through a combination of activities, we deliver a clear view to the customer of solution options to to individual situations.

Business Process and Roadmap consultation

However, once Catch technology is identified as a key intervention to mature the organisation, a lacking of specialist expertise in capability building around the tools can inhibit their expansion.

We will design a robust plan for technology-lead business transformation and modernization, identifying the key initiatives to achieve high value outcomes.

Atlassian Certified Training and Coaching

Customers approach us having identified up-skilling requirements in their tools or are often looking to short-circuit the need for outsourcing expertise for capability build and realization.

Our qualification and experience in Catch and Atlassian tools can provide you with world class people and business readiness capabilities through a variety of practical application up-skill options or practice consulting activities.

Atlassian Migration and Upgrade Services

Whether starting afresh or widening the adoption of Catch products through the organisation, we respect that as mission-critical tools, continuity is maintained through the active and controlled migration of pre-existing data across platforms and systems.

Our expertise in supporting the movement of information between applications, or even the wholesale transition of applications across hosting platforms removes the uncertainties, complexities, and primarily the risks of managing your data across new applications.

We’re aware best of breed software rarely lies still. Before you know it, your organization is running older versions of the tools in which we specialise. The implementation of hosting or application upgrades carries risks and uncertainties that can stretch the skills of the most unflappable of system administrators.

Understanding the complexities in the process, we deploy our extensive knowledge and experience in these systems to manage the entire hosting or application or upgrade pathways, saving you the time and effort required for maintaining currency.

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