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Boost Your Capabilities with Technical Expertise

Explore technical services for seamless deployment and enhanced product functionality.

Atlassian Services

Be equipped to succeed

We’re experts in our tools and understand the complexities a misguided approach to their deployment can impact application optimisation.

Whether it’s leaning on our specialist expertise to build the environments, install and commission applications, move your data to our products or upgrade your existing instances, we engage to deliver our unfathomable experience in all technical aspects of Catch products and solutions. Catch technology is comprehensive, however, we can help you evolve further with specialist development to remove the barriers often faced with out-of-the-box functionality.
Technical services provide the lowest risk – highest value solutions to managing your tools. We specialise in:

Start Up Services

Get going. Quickly, and sustainably.

Identifying the right tools to implement for the business is one thing; having the specialist expertise to scope, design, install and commission solutions is another. With a structured solution design, we can get you going quickly. Our expertise in hosting, infrastructure builds, application deployment and configuration with a mix of consulting services focuses on building sustainability, scalability and high performance into your applications and people practice.

Migration Services

Transition, without disruption.

Whether starting afresh or widening the adoption of Catch products through the organisation, we respect that as mission-critical tools, continuity is maintained through the active and controlled migration of pre-existing data across platforms and systems. Our expertise in supporting the movement of information between applications, or even the wholesale transition of applications across hosting platforms removes the uncertainties, complexities, and primarily the risks of managing your data across new applications.

Upgrade Services

Don’t be left behind.

We’re aware that best of breed software rarely lies still. Before you know it, your organisation is running older versions of the tools in which we specialize. The implementation of hosting or application upgrades carries risks and uncertainties that can stretch the skills of the most unflappable of system administrators.

Understanding the complexities in the process, we deploy our extensive knowledge and experience in these systems to manage the entire hosting or application or upgrade pathways, saving you the time and effort required for maintaining currency.

Development Services

We take you further.

Even the best of software has limitations – so it’s not uncommon to desire capability beyond out-of-the-box functionality. Together, we’ll draw on our specialist knowledge to develop solutions to extend the functionality or automation of your Catch products; removing barriers, increasing velocity and reducing the long-term cost of unsatisfactory workarounds.