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License Management Solutions

Elevate your software licensing experience. Contact us for tailored solutions.

License Management

A smarter way to manage your licenses

We can streamline the maintenance of all your Atlassian, Catch and Sparx Systems product licenses, giving you a single pro-active point of contact.

At no cost to you, we’ll ensure your licenses are up to date, right sized, and appropriate for your needs.

Whether it’s a new license, a renewal or upgrade, with Catch’s License Management Service, you’ll realize a range of benefits:

  • Centralized licensing for all Atlassian, Catch and Sparx Systems products
  • Reduced workload and administrative overheads
  • Simplified and efficient procurement process
  • Same licensing costs with added value
  • License alignment to one date
  • Engage with only one vendor

PLUS, utilize our expertise in Atlassian and Sparx Systems products to help your organisation grow.