Catch is here to advise you on the best options for your business in migrating to Cloud and Data Center options

Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses on 02 Feb 2021.

Maintenance prices for existing Server and Data Center licenses will also increase between 15% and 140% on 02 Feb 2021.

Support for Atlassian server products will be discontinued by 02 Feb 2024. Bug and security fixes, and support will no longer be provided by Atlassian after this date, so it is advisable to discontinue these products.

October 16th 2020 - Public announcement about Server and Data Center offerings.

February 2nd 2021 - No more new server licenses. Data center and server prices increase significantly.

February 2nd 2022 - No more upgrades or downgrades of existing server licenses. 

February 2nd 2023 - No more new app licenses for server installations. 

February 2nd 2024 - Discontinued support and security fixes for server products.