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Catch Software

Catch offers a wide range of Test Management and Quality Assurance tools to increase velocity, remove barriers, decrease cost and improve quality.

These tools all fit in with your software development life cycle and testing practices.

Catch’s Test Management and Quality Assurance tools integrate with Enterprise Tester, Jira and each other to provide you end to end visibility, tracability, and to ensure you have optimal productivity during your software development journey.

Our next generation platform is about building and maturing your organizational capability. Its ability to cross methodology barriers allows you to easily expand understanding, quantify resource capabilities & share knowledge. Understand skill shortages, find out where the key areas to plug your capability gaps are, and then action the changes.


CatchHub is a one stop shop to access all your products.

It offers Single Sign On (Okta support) and will introduce user provisioning across all applications (Jira, Confluence, Enterprise Tester etc.)


Catch’s test cycle planning tool.

A tool to manage test cycles and runs. SmartPlanner offers the ability to assign test executions to test cycles and users.

It also provides a high-level status per each test whether it has Passed, Failed or is Blocked to ensure you can easily track results and outcomes.

SmartPlanner saves you time, promotes productivity and provides insights on where your test progress sits.


Mind map testing, this offers you the ability to visualize your testing process from epics through to incidents/bugs. SmartMap integrates with Jira and Enterprise Tester, in time will integrate with your CI/CD server to automate your test executions.


A simple way to visualize your Atlassian Jira issue relationships without needing to deep dive into your Jira.

Save yourself time and frustration by getting an overview in seconds. VisualMap also provides you the ability to filter down on resolution, priority, status, issue types and assignee’s.