Locally based in New Zealand, Catch has captured the attention of not only kiwi business but globally around the world, across a wide range of industry types. We have a strong customer base in America, Europe, Asia and here in our own backyard, Australasia.

Positioned primarily in the testing and wider SDLC industry, we have expanded into many different sectors from IT, finance, education, transport through to government including defence, local and federal. Our customers use solutions from licensing management through to hosted applications with managed services, professional services, support and consulting as well as collaborating with our customer partners on software development services.

At Catch we work with a vast range of organisational sizes from SME to large Enterprise, including government.

With dedicated account managers in our Customer Development team, we have a flexible engagement approach, working with customers at a more valued orientated level using strategic account plans as a focus between Catch and the customer to help deliver value and build trusting relationships. For the smaller, more transactional nature we have our Customer Central team who are able to work with you on requirements such as licensing services and all support needs.

Some of our Customers