enterprise tester - base edition

The testing software for design thinking organisations.
Enterprise Tester base edition is a simple solution that brings a new way to integrate testing vigilance into the everyday operation of your company. From hardware to software; applications to systems; processes to operations; broad utilisation of testing software and it's principles are crucial to covering all the bases to maintain competitive advantage.

If you create it, test it.

Develop the value of your organisation's unique advantages by
proving the value to your customers through testing results. 

Latest Release

Easy to Use, Flexible Interfaces Designed for Collaboration From the Frontline to Tech Expert. 

Plan, test and monitor everything from one place. With progress, statuses and priorities visible at a glance, and overview and granular information available all in one screen Enterprise Tester's flexible design and easy-switch views make management, execution and monitoring a dream. Drag and drop builder allows the easiest, non-technical tester full control over the test plan and the problem at hand, while maintaining functionality that supports the depth of information required by the most technical user. 

Stagnation is the agent of death with agile organisations the world over responding in real time to the rapidly increasing rate of change in consumer demands. The only way to keep up? Testing. If you aren’t already utilising testing software and principles across every facet of your organisation, you are missing out on crucial areas of growth and improvement that your competitors will find and leverage.


Visual Mind Maps for Testing

Whether you're a non-technical tester or a seasoned pro, you can do it all with enterprise tester. Using visual mind maps in your test planning helps bring clarity to even the most complex task.

Level up your test planning using mind maps. With custom testing blueprint loaded standard with the first edition, forget about set up and configuration and dive straight into effective management of your test strategy.

Kanban Board View

Flip between views from list to agile board view. Updates on the agile board will update across all data sets and views inside Enterprise Tester Base Edition. See and move card by dragging and dropping to update statuses and see changes. The progress bar at the top keeps track of the overall progress of the project, and is visible in list view as well. 

Functions include: 

  • Filter the Kanban board based on node type (i.e. Test, Story, Task, Bug etc.)
  • Hold the shift key and drag to multi select nodes on a map
  • New node types of Task and Sub-task have been added so that you can include and track tasks
  • Ability to swap between Map, List and Kanban Board views 

Customisable Dashboard Entry

Link to every asset in your tool chain from the standard home screen dashboard. Catch Hub is the entryway into all your testing priorities in one place.

Quality control is about more than just creating a great product. Everything from client interactions, idea creation, systems design and process development needs testing. In the age of lean management, it is no longer enough to just have a consistent product.

New! Baseline Reporting 

See node counts by status and a snapshot of the overall progress of your testing project's status.

Functions include: 

  • Visualisation of the count and status by node type (i.e. Test, Story, Task, Bug etc.)
  • Project level view or milestone level view for added detail
  • Progress bar along the top to indicate overall status between screens

Latest Release Notes:

Version 7.7.1
Version 7.6.1
Version 7.5
Version 7.4
Version 7.3
Version 7.2
Version 7.1
Version 7.0
Version 6.8.0
Version 6.7.2
Version 6.7.1
Version 6.7
Version 6.6
Version 6.5
Version 6.4.2
Version 6.4.1
Version 6.4
Version 6.3
Version 6.2
Version 6.1
Version 6.0
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0
Version 4.11
Version 4.10
Version 7.7.1

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.7.1

Released 20 November 2021


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


** New Features

- Enterprise Tester now integrates with JIRA Software projects
- Jira integration queue implemented to capture any JIRA API issues that may arise and retry the sync
- For each label on the tree menu the 3 dot menu has been added when the menu is selected


- Restructure tree control with labels
- User now able to expand the edit panel so they can see the whole testing table without having to scroll
- Added the ability to show and hide the tree menu
- Jira remote issue links can now be seen in the comments for the node
- Tree menu now allows for drag and drop in tree menu to reorder labels - Add attachments at row level in the test table
- Insert a row anywhere in the table
- Allow single select dropdown field
Move rows (to reorder)
- Add a link to our Signup page from Login page
- Load project home page on click of logo or text on top left corner
- Add text when hover over buttons in Testing Table
- Change delete row icon
- Change column header from Name to Description
- Change expand Edit Panel for View Test Step Table icon to <<
- Update Status icons so they are the same size as on the Map view
- Change text fields to Text Area


** Bug Fixes

- Fixed feedback email that was no longer working
- Fixed, if you delete all rows there is no way to add any rows to the Testing Table
- Fixed, Removed white space at the bottom of the Tree menu
- Fixed, copying a Test Node in Map View now also copies the table data to the new node
- Fixed, nodes are now able to be save when a row is removed from the Testing Table
- Menu add button "Add Label" image is now clearer
- Fixed default status of "Not Run" is now showing on first row of table
- Fixed, copy paste node was not getting added to map until reload
- When moving a child tree node it removes the other child nodes
- Parent and all child packages are being deleted in certain scenarios

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Version 7.6.1

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.6.1

Released 21 June 2021


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


** New Features

- Enterprise Tester now multi-org
- Various enhancements on the organisations license page including business and technical contact details
- Customers can now self provision their own trials direct from the Catch website


- Added multiple auto layout option
- Altered the filter drop down from white to grey so it is easier for a user to see
- Create child node button moved to the top of the edit panel for ease of use
- When a user goes to a map the map now zooms to include all the whole context
- Show updated username - First Name and Last Name on Map view in the Assigned To drop down
- Enhanced security, New users now get a sign-up email allowing them to set their own password and access the system
- Implemented a basic organisation creation wizard to simplify the set-up process
- Item description now displayed on the card in the board view by default
- Item type icon now displayed on the edit panel


** Bug Fixes

- Error message grammar improved when email address already exists when creating a new user
- Fixed, When deleting edge from root node error is displayed
- Fixed, Test status not being picked up correctly in the list view
- Test node details visibility

YouTube video

Version 7.5

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.5

Released 25 May 2021


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


Reuse your work across different milestones (Sprints, Releases, Builds, Deadlines etc...) saving you time and effort not having to redo work

  • Local and Universal Nodes for reuse 
  • Enhanced To Do List showing all node types (Epics, Stories, Tests, Tasks, Sub-task and Bugs) 


** New Features

- Added an auto align function to the mindmap view
- Added the ability to delete projects
- Users can now view all nodes as a list instead of just the Test nodes
- Added the ability to create references to nodes across different mindmaps (universal node)
- Added the ability for users to created instances of nodes (e.g. Test runs) across different mindmaps (local node) 
- Added the ability to copy nodes



- Opened permissions so all users that have access to a project can add and edit nodes and node details within a project they have access to
- Updated the email service configuration
- Added "Due Date" field to all nodes 
- Allowed users to maintain node status across collections
- The left-hand menu now navigates to the new view retaining the users current context
- Removed the top right context driven navigation bar as was now a duplicate of the left-hand navigation
- ET Permissions required to use SmartPlanner
- Users can now add sub-tasks to all node types except Epics
- Updated node icons for different workflow states on the list view
- Added a Home Button to navigate to Project pages


** Bug Fixes

- On the board the name and description are now shown on the base card
- Default node names were per collection but now are per project
- Bug created in list view wasn't showing on Backlog's view
- Backlog map should show the latest status and priority information for local nodes
- Collections are now retaining node locations on the workspace
- Fixed, error on load of backlog map
- Fixed, duplicate links created in map
- Fixed, Test nodes were duplicated when we create them from edit panel
- Fixed, Bug name is not saved from popup dialog




Version 7.4

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.4

Released 27 January 2021


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


Do your work in the new enhanced list view then see your progress via the new reports page using the new enhancements in v7.4


Test Managers & Testers (Reporting), Testers (List View):

Increase the speed to run your tests and track your status in real-time


** New Features

- Added ability to create a bug directly from a test run in the list view

- Attachment icon added to list which changes colour when a user uploads an attachment

- New report page that displays base level report information for the project or user selected map  

- When a new project is created a default "Backlog" map is automatically created



- Updated field configurations for nodes

- Enhanced the list view so that users can now view and edit node information via an edit panel

- Streamlined messages so they there are fewer displayed in the map view when creating links between nodes 

- When a new project is created it is now automatically assigned a project key

- Display the node key id from nodes in SmartBoard

- Links can now be made from sub-task to test nodes 

- Task and sub-task node text is black on yellow for ease to read

- Bugs can now be created for each test step not just the test header

- Fields can now be marked as read-only or hidden by the Administrator 

- List view now has a new look and feel to enable ease of use

- Nodes now have the project key and a unique number added on save 

- Enhanced permissions so all users can edit all maps regardless of who created the map

- Integrations are now shown in the project listing page

- Test status is automatically updated based on its child test step status

- Due Date field now added for all node types

- Added In Progress status to report bar and test icon set so it can be set to In Progress state

- Added a toggle for Base / Detail execution in the list view 

- When a project is newly created the backlog map view is automatically displayed


** Bug Fixes

- Fixed, From apps page if we go to 9 dot menu and loading app is not closing apps view

- Fixed, Map name is not being updated until you refresh, or create another map

- Fixed, attachment uploads for both individual nodes and workspace nodes so both are displayed correctly

- Fixed, When creating a new map , it is not displaying in the menu on the left hand side until you go out of the project and back to it

- Fixed, Loading icon is now center aligned

- Fixed, when you were in Enterprise tester it was not listed in 9 dot menu

- Fixed, Expand-Collapse of the menu tree not working properly

- Remove all internal working app names from app URLs

Version 7.3

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.3

Released 11 August 2020


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


All your testing on one board - track your testing on the new Board view

Test Managers / Scrum Masters  

Map, Do and now Track your testing with the new Kanban Board view in Enterprise Tester.

  1. New Kanban Board view
  2. Enhanced Map features making it easier to work with nodes on maps
  3. New Task and sub-task nodes to record work items


** Bug Fixes

- Fixed the ability to download test step attachments in Do and Track views
- Moved the delete icon from the end of the menu item to below the menu item so it can be accessed for long menu item labels
- Removed inline editing from map nodes as users were finding it difficult to access the full edit menu as the node selection area was too small
- Resolved - HTML automatically inserted incorrectly into fields on mouse over for test step table


** New Features

- New Board view so that users can see and move items as cards on a Kanban Board 
- Added the ability to hold the shift key and drag to multi select nodes on a map
- Users can now view Board items as a List
- New node types of Task and Sub-task have been added so that users can include and track tasks
- Ability to filter the Kanban board based on node type (i.e. Test, Story, Task, Bug etc)
- Ability to swap between Map, List and Kanban Board views 


- Altered the connectors from curved to straight lines to make it easier to read
- First and Last names in the users and group screen are now mandatory
- User and Group names are now listed alphabetically in the Administration area
- Removed Test Set node from Maps to reduce confusion for users
- Added the application version to the user Preferences screen so that users can see the software version and link to the latest release information
- Aligned all dialog screens to have a consistent layout and button positioning across the application
- Project now have a Project Key
- Altered the Test status logic so that the test status is automatically updated if any test step is passed but not completed

Version 7.2

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.2

Released 15th July 2020


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.


Choose to run tests in a visual view or list view

  1. New list view test run screens
  2. Test status calculated from the test step status
  3. New ability to share maps as an image

** New Features

- Ability to run tests from list view
- Ability to update Project information
- Ability to view Labels in the tree menu
- Ability to create Labels
- Added the ability to export Image of Map
- Any test displayed in a map can be seen in the list view
- List view to map view direct link
- Added the ability to delete an item in the menu
- Ability to add a bug is created in list view and have it automatically added (with link) to the map view


- Added a direct link on map view to go to the list view
- Changed the navigation menu to allow for future feature functionality enhancements
- Map View - node name field now automatically highlighted
- Apply the same header bar style on list view and Map view
- Standardise font on list view and map menus to be 12pt 
- Default name for new maps changed to be map #
- Added "Undetermined" status on Testing table-Test status and Bug node and added a Unresolved item as default resolution
- Removed edit icon from map nodes
- Made the catch logo on login page clickable
- Changed the look of the connector tool tip on the map nodes
- Project list view now a table
- Standardised the administration menu items to under one menu 


** Bug Fixes

- Captured special characters in test steps correctly
- Removed "Tests Completed" label when there is no test to display
- Resolved the Undetermined status colour in map status circle is black not blue

Version 7.1

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.1


Released 1st July 2020

Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.

** New Features

- Added Forgotten Username or password feature

- Implement nodes count on smartmap

- Added the ability for a user to Create Projects and store Maps within them

- Added the ability to swap between different Project from within a project

- Ability to view projects

- Ability to view a Project List



- Updated the tree menu

- UX / UI Improvements

- Node count summary

- New password set screen in catchhub


** Bug Fixes

- Message when Project is created needs changing

- Links (edges) are not being saved in maps

- Profile function is not working in catchhub

Version 7.0

Release Notes: Enterprise Tester Base Edition 

Released 4th May 2020

Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.
  • New Feature - Create Mindmap
  • New Feature - Create Workspace
  • New Feature - Display applications on a tile dashboard
  • New Feature - Create Users & Groups
  • New Feature - Assign Permissions to Users & Groups
  • New Feature - Zoom In & Out a Map
  • New Feature - Display status against an item on a Map
  • New Feature - Display item priority against an item on a Map
  • New Feature - Show Maps in a tree view
Version 6.8.0

Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 6.8.0

Released 8 July 2021


Greater JIRA Cloud integration and ensure your security with the new SAML 2.0 enhancements 


  • JIRA Cloud Updates
  • SAML 2.0 Enhancements
  • New create bug button on tree menu


** New Features


- New Bug creation icon allowing users to create a new bug directly from the tree menu toolbar





- Enhanced SAML 2.0 integration


- Enhanced JIRA Cloud integration


- Ability for users to sort customer picklists automatically alphabetically 


- Updates to the JIRA Cloud sync functionality to work with the latest version



** Bug Fixes


- Swapped out and replaced the copy URL flash component as end of life

Version 6.7.2

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.7.2

Build 2033.  Released 2nd March 2020

  • Fix - Issue with Calculate End-Date button in the Burndown Chart
  • Fix - Issue with no data in a portlet on the Dashboard
  • Fix - Issue with Incident Error messages staying on the screen
  • Fix - Issue with Refresh Lookups "Last Update" time stamp 
  • Fix - Links in ET to corporate website
  • Enhancement - UI Changes
Version 6.7.1

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.7.1

Build 2031.  Released 26 June 2019


  • Fix – Issue with Burn-down Chart
  • Fix – Issue with custom schemas in PostgreSQL being incompatible with Enterprise Tester
Version 6.7

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.7

Build 2028. Released 28 January 2019


  • New Feature - A new menu item has been added to highlight our next generation micro-service based platform of tools built to simplify complex functions and increase planning, testing, and capability maturity.
    New Feature - Dashboards can now be exported to PDF.
  • Enhancement - Burndown Charts can now automatically calculate Velocity and End Date.
    Enhancement - Custom picklist field default value can now be toggled on or off. This is toggled per field and defaults to off. When toggled on, the top picklist entry, as defined by the priority values for each entry, is used as the default value.
    Enhancement - "Tests completed over time" gadget now includes Automated Tests on the graphs.
    Enhancement - "Requirement Status by" report will display the Status of "In Progress" in the coverage section if there are tests that have not been run.
  • Deprecation - Legacy Rally and TFS integrations are no longer supported and options to create new integrations with these systems have been removed.
    Deprecation - An old, legacy, individual gadget sharing option has been removed. This provided legacy support for older (2017 and earlier) versions of Jira and Confluence. Users can continue to share gadgets via the existing gadget sharing options.
  • Fix - Incident Resolution no longer defaults to the first picklist value.
Version 6.6

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.6

Improvement - Introduced a Project Level Group Permissions Template which provides an alternative method for assigning permissions to groups at the project level to reduce administrative overhead
Improvement - Field Configurations are now supported in Project Baselines and Project Templates
Improvement - ET / JIRA Sync - Opening Project Link configuration performance improved when connected with larger Jira instances
Fix - Made changes to the deleted attachment cleanup process to prevent edge case issue which could result in the wrong attachments being processed
Fix - API not returning stepresults for copied script assignment
Fix - API (PATCH) - Custom field update picklists allows duplicate values
Fix - CSV Import mapping template with certain characters in the name can cause the CSV import wizard not to work
Fix - 'My Reports' feature inaccessible even with permission to view/edit reports
Fix - ET Gadget Subscription links sometimes formed incorrectly
Fix - Upon making a change to a custom field, all custom field's orders are reset
Fix - Removed What's New gadget from default dashboard for new users
Fix - During an execution, when you try to add an incident from a step, the "Run By" section that appears in the description box is blank
Fix - Compiler Suite - AutoNumber option does not populate the 'Number' field for Test Scripts created by Compiler Suite
Fix - API calls intermittently failing with incorrect message referring to an expired license when the license is still valid
Fix - Kerberos Authentication with LDAP configuration is not working correctly
Fix - External Directory Group Membership syncing not working when connected to an OpenLDAP directory

Version 6.5

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.5

Build 2010. Released 23 Jan 2018


  • New Feature - A new option that can be enabled that results in a dashboard with a number of pre-defined project specific gadgets being created when a new project is created. It is not currently possible to change the pre-defined list of gadgets used
  • Enhancement - Execution Packages (aka folders) are no longer required to have unique names
  • Enhancement - Custom picklist fields now use the first item in their picklist sort order as a default value (this is the same behaviour as the built-in picklist fields)
  • Enhancement - Date and time removed from the message where the Execution Set is being worked on by a different user to avoid confusion
  • Fixed - Permission issue that would incorrectly prevent the Resources tab from being accessible in some circumstances
  • Fixed - Minor security fixes
  • Fixed - Minor baseline import success message correction.
  • Fixed - Minor text corrections in some labels
  • Fixed - Updated Project Category deletion warning to clarify what will happen
  • Fixed - Cannot move a project out of a Category back up to the root of the tree
  • Fixed - If, in your CSV file, you have two or more rows with the same value in the "Name" column then on import only the first of these rows will be imported, the rest will be skipped
  • Fixed - Attachment link in Multi-Step execution often doesn't respond on first click
  • Fixed - When linking to an existing incident from the execution screen (multi or single step execution) you cannot search on the Incident ID
  • Fixed - Schedule Configuration window not bound to screen so can be dragged off and becomes difficult to recover
  • Fixed - Inability to set label for Script Run scoped custom fields
  • Fixed - API Script Run bug, ScriptId is the same as AssignmentId
  • Fixed - SAML authentication can get caught in endless loop when user exists but is disabled in Enterprise Tester
  • Fixed - After copying and pasting scripts from the tree navigator a number of times, the navigator hangs displaying "Pasting"
  • Fixed - If a user opens an execution then closes it again (making no changes), then the execution will change from "Not Run" to "In Progress"
  • Fixed - If Assignee JIRA field is NOT mapped in either direction (to or from external system) an assignee may still be set in JIRA
  • Fixed - Occasional timeout when trying to associate a test script package which contains a substantial number (hundreds) of test scripts to a requirement
Version 6.4.2

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester v6.4.2

Build 2010. Released 20 Sept 2017


  • Enhancement - CSV Import Wizard - When you click back any values you previously entered on the screen are now visible
  • Enhancement - Improvement of License Error Message 
  • Fixed - If Read Only numbering is selected in Project Detail, but the Number field is not visible in the Field Configuration, Enterprise Tester cannot create Test Scripts or Requirements.
  • Fixed - If a JIRA number field is NOT mapped in either direction (to or from external system) it still syncs a "0" value across if the field in JIRA has no current value.
  • Fixed - JIRA Integration - If the key in JIRA is a reserved word i.e. "OR,IF", in Enterprise Tester when you link to a JIRA defect an error occurs.
  • Fixed - Upgrade instructions that come with Bin Zip installer are out of date
  • Fixed - Unsupported 32bit unmanaged Oracle Database driver still supplied with Enterprise Tester.
  • Fixed - CSV Import Wizard - Import Contains Fakepath In The File To Import Path
  • Fixed - CSV Import Wizard - When Importing Test Scripts, if any of the test step fields being imported are larger than 1024 characters, a warning is now displayed after the import is completed.
  • Fixed - Issue exporting multi-select custom fields from Grids
  • Fixed - Grid Column Headings do not reflect Label Changes made after field configuration.
  • Fixed - When user does not have permission to Edit an Incident , the error message is incorrect
  • Fixed - "Synchronize External Link" permission renamed to "Synchronize External Links"
  • Fixed - Wrong Header on Project -> Group permissions
  • Fixed - Cosmetic issues with Enterprise Tester first launch screen
  • Fixed - Dashboard properties incorrect mandatory field
  • Fixed - Dashboard properties can be saved without entering a Dashboard name 
Version 6.4.1

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester 6.4.1

Build 2006. Released 20 Jun 2017


  • Fixed - Attachment Sync with JIRA Cloud malfunctioning (zero size files). When an attachment is on a JIRA issue that is then synchronised to ET the attachment comes through as a zero size file. 
  • Fixed - ET to JIRA Sync of Requirements failing incorrectly due to Version fields not being present on JIRA screen.
  • Enhancement - Improve ET's SAML 2.0 support so it is compatible with Azure Active Directory
Version 6.4

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester 6.4 - JIRA, API, and usability

Build 1997. Released 22 Dec 2016


  • Fixed - LDAP integration can fail when group description length in LDAP source greater than ~255 characters
  • Fixed - Upgraded Oracle Managed driver bundled with Enterprise Tester 
  • Fixed - Http Status 403 when attempting to Update a value for a text custom field via the API PATCH method for /script/{id} resource
  • Fixed - JIRA picklist values with leading and trailing whitespace would sometimes cause duplication on sync with ET
  • Fixed - Removal of Relationships in Enterprise Architect does not sync with Enterprise Tester
  • Fixed - When adding a custom field to Task Sync in Enterprise Tester, the Task is failing to Synchronize.
  • Fixed - JIRA issue Links to source Enterprise Tester Incidents are not being created after an Incident Sync
  • Fixed - Can not delete a Master Project when using Oracle 12c database
  • Fixed - Can not delete a Project in ET when using an Oracle database if Compiler Suite package exists in project, even if it is empty
  • Fixed - Requirement & Incident Details no longer use JIRA's deprecated Status Icons 
  • Fixed - When sorting entities using right-click, the package collapses after the sorting is done
  • Fixed - Recursive copy bug when copying a package to a sub package
  • Fixed - A case where mouse pointer on top menu items changes to text input instead of hand icon
  • Fixed - The link of successfully exported baselines are barely visible
  • Fixed - Some cases of Mouse Cursor / Pointer getting stuck as a Custom cursor - this sometimes stops Enterprise Tester functioning normally until the page is refreshed
  • Fixed - Edit Group - Permissions: 'Manage Ea Connection' should be 'Manage EA Connection'
Version 6.3

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester 6.3

 Build 1984. Released 28 Sept 2016

  • Usability Enhancement - JIRA 4 - 5.1  go option has been removed from drop down list for adding external systems for JIRA connections
  • Enhancement - Simplified User interface by hiding "Synchronize All" for Daily and Periodic Schedules selection
  • Enhancement - Allowed the ability to have different URL access for external or internal users
  • Enhancement - Duette Client now works on Linux
  • Enhancement - Users can now create execution sets by dropping a Requirement into the execution area
  • Fixed - Master Reusable Test Steps are now included when exporting Test Scripts
  • Fixed - CSV Import - Step Data was being removed when a user only performed a bulk update on a single field i.e. Status .Priority
  • Fixed - Baseline Import fails across Instances when Master Reusable Test Steps are included in the Import 
  • Fixed - When importing , if values are not in Enterprise Tester they are not being mapped to the correct value when imported (Test Scripts & Requirements)
  • Fixed - Link a JIRA issue search does not work correctly with JIRA 7+ if a project has a number as part of the Project key
  • Fixed - When adding line breaks and operators to test steps in execution mode, these line breaks are taken over into the script library as ""
Version 6.2

Historical Release Notes: Enterprise Tester 6.2 - Risk Profiler 

 Build 1973.  Released 14 June 2016
  • New Feature - Risk Profiler
  • New Feature - Risk Profiler Gadgets
  • New Feature - CSV Import templates
  • New Feature - Organisation gadget subscription feeds for JIRA and Confluence
  • New Feature - Dashboard specific gadget subscription feeds for JIRA and Confluence
  • New Feature - Catch to JIRA Add-On to extend JIRA Workflows
  • New Feature - JIRA Workflow information stored in Enterprise Tester
  • New Feature - Requirements and Incidents can now transition according to JIRA workflow statuses
  • New Feature - Coverage is now exposed in TQL for use in Gadgets
  • New Feature - Ability to disable picklist values
  • Enhancement - If no Test Step information is added to a Test Script, it can now be saved
  • Enhancement - Group memberships in AD/LDAP passed through to Enterprise Tester
  • Enhancement - User deletions/disable in AD/LDAP passed through to Enterprise Tester
  • Enhancement - Field configuration available for entities in each Project
  • Enhancement - Refresh Lookups imports JIRA workflow information
  • Enhancement - Refresh Lookups now functions at a Project level rather than globally
  • Enhancement - Custom fields stored at a Project level
  • Enhancement - CSV Import dropdown first letter typing on controls
  • Enhancement - Rename References folder to Relationships folder
  • Enhancement - Drag and drop Requirement onto Test Script to create a Relationship
  • Enhancement - Drag and drop Test Script Package onto a Requirement to create Relationships
  • Enhancement - Drag and drop Test Script onto a Requirement Package to create Relationships
  • Enhancement - Drag and drop Requirement Package onto a Test Script to create Relationships
  • Enhancement - Drag and drop Requirement onto a Test Script Package to create Relationships
  • Fixed - When using Enterprise Tester with Okta (SAML), a log out redirect page can now be configured
  • Fixed - Refresh lookups corrected to store correct custom field data for each Project
  • Fixed - Multilevel Cascade field select has correct custom fields available
  • Fixed - Deletion of unreferenced Users can now occur
  • Fixed - JIRA Custom Field cannot be seen in mappings unless added to the JIRA default screen
  • Fixed - Additional security for ExternalSystem API resource
  • Fixed - Unknown field types now handled when syncing to and from external systems
  • Fixed - Advanced Settings deselected fields no longer being evaluated in JIRA Syncs
  • Fixed - Licensing Updates to support Subscription Licensing
  • Fixed - Agile Run Icon for More updated
  • Fixed - Edit Icon corrected on the JIRA Synchronization screen
  • Fixed - Meaningful error added when User Limit reached
  • Fixed - Incorrect Login error message corrected
  • Fixed - Picklist values no longer allow trailing spaces
  • Fixed - Test Runs not created when Drag and Dropping Test Script packages into execution sets
  • Fixed - Step description in a script duplicates itself when it has a link
  • Fixed - Cannot move a Category directly under Organisation in the tree
  • Fixed - Compiler Suite column definition for Steps corrrected
  • Fixed - JIRA Service Desk field Request Participants, no longer causes JIRA syncs to fail
  • Fixed - JIRA Watchers add-on, no longer causes JIRA syncs to fail
  • Fixed - Agile Run screenshots now display in the correct step
  • Fixed - Inserted steps in the first row can now be saved
  • Fixed - Components or Versions now able to be saved in new installations
  • Fixed - Importing via CSV, values in some situations were not mapped correctly
  • Fixed - Custom fields were not being imported correctly via Baselines
  • Fixed - Resolved upgrade issue relating to picklist formatting in instances upgraded from pre 4.10.
Version 6.1

Historical Release Notes:  v6.1 featuring Compiler Suite

Build 1946.  Released 16 December 2015

  • New Feature - Added support for JIRA Software version 7
  • New Feature - Allow Custom Fields to be created via the Enterprise Tester API
  • New Feature - Allow Custom Fields to be updated via the Enterprise Tester API
  • New Feature - Allow Custom Fields to be deleted via the Enterprise Tester API
  • New Feature - Allow Picklist values to be updated for Custom Fields via the Enterprise Tester API
  • Enhancement - Updated Enterprise Tester API library for JIRA Software version 7
  • Enhancement - Updated error message when dragging and dropping a folder with duplicate name into the same folder
  • Enhancement - .NET framework upgraded to 4.6
  • Enhancement - License screen text updated
  • Fixed - Failed to create child packages via the Enterprise Tester API
  • Fixed - Step screen no longer hangs if users has only Test Script View Permissions
  • Fixed - Links updated on Login Page.


Compiler Suite

A plugin developed by Catch to allow automated generation of multiple test cases containing defined variables and data.  Once variables and data are defined, select one of three generation methods:

    • Row-based : data in each row is generated as a test case
    • Minimum: minimum number of test cases are generated to cover each piece of data at least once
    • Pairwise : based on the observation that most errors are caused by interactions of at most two factors, pairwise-generated test suites cover all combinations of two, therefore are much more efficient and highly effective in finding errors and defects.  Google Pairwise and follow the rabbit.
Why use it?

Smarter test practices mean time is gained and quality is increased, all three generation methods can result in up to 85% time savings when creating test suites. When used in the right conditions, Pairwise testing can provide significant time savings by reducing the number of test cases that need to be run to reveal defects.

How can I use it?

A step-by-step process guides you through:

    • Adding a Compiler Suite template
    • Adding your test name and steps, including variables you wish to add
    • Adding the data for your variables
    • Choosing your generation method
    • Previewing and select the test cases you wish generate
    • Generate your test cases.
Use Cases
  • Creating combinatorial data for data load tests or projects with large amounts of data
  • Quickly creating hundreds of Test Cases where repetition is required
  • Data driven test planning
  • Creating test cases for an already implemented module without any documented specification
  • During review or walk through of specifications or code review.
Version 6.0

Historical Release Notes:  v6.0 - Usability

Build 1942 - Released 4 Nov, 2015

  • New Feature - In-tray or e-mail notifications now available when JIRA Synchronizations fail.
  • New Feature - Master Projects can now be created to contain Reusable Test Steps, the
    Reusable Test Steps can be referenced by Test Scripts in multiple projects.
  • New Feature - Allow Test Case to Test Case relationships.
  • New Feature - Drag and drop Test Case directly onto a Test Case in the tree to create a relationship.
  • New Feature - Allow Test Case to Automated Test relationships.
  • New Feature - Drag and drop Test Case directly onto an Automated Test in the tree to create a relationship.
  • Enhancement - Allow editing of Test Execution data when executing Test in-line, updates are saved to the associated Test Case.
  • Enhancement - Ability to edit or add additional comments to a completed Test Run.
  • Enhancement - Allow users to continue or start a new Test Run when a Test Script has been changed during Test Execution.
  • Enhancement - Updates to field sizes on Single Step execution screen.
  • Enhancement - Create Incident permission implemented.
  • Enhancement - Updated API to improve error support.
  • Enhancement - Relationship indexing is now cleared when reindexing all projects.
  • Fixed - Duette Automated Test Max Results setting now retains results as per the setting.
  • Fixed - Labels updated on Single Step execution screen.
  • Fixed - Git integration error message updates.
  • Fixed - Shared Dashboard portlets display using the correct user credentials.
  • Fixed - Bulk Update of Script Assignment Status now display the correct "RunBy" value.
  • Fixed - Automap values are now pulled from JIRA into Enterprise Tester.
  • Fixed - BackgroundIndexer now passes operation check.
  • Fixed - Login page now links to correct Blog page.
Version 5.2

Historical Release Notes: v5.2 - Security, Usability

Build 1914 - Released 17 Jul, 2015

Enterprise Tester 5.2 - NEW optional security services for Cloud customers - Okta integration for SAML 2.0 - configurable settings for file uploads. ENHANCEMENTS to screenshot function and gallery views, plus various wholesome minor fixes.

  • New Feature - Virus scanning on attachment uploads (Catch Cloud Premium solution)
  • New Feature - Data at Rest encryption (Catch Cloud Premium solution)
  • New Feature - Configurable file upload restrictions based on file extensions
  • New Feature - Enterprise Tester OKTA integration for SAML 2.0
  • Enhancement - Attachment gallery view for next and previous images
  • Enhancement - Improved screenshot pasting experience on modern browsers
  • Fixed - Incident resolution not showing on graphs as it should
  • Fixed - Re-index breaks on Oracle when a space is present in the priority field
  • Fixed - Search and ScriptAssignment resources with Lastrun.StepResults expends return duplicate run results
  • Fixed - Delete Step Scenarios that result in a Save Failed error
  • Ruminated - on how we got to halfway through the calendar so fast!
Version 5.1

Historical Release Notes: v5.1 - Usability, Collaboration, Security

Build 1907 - Released May 4, 2015

Enterprise Tester 5.1 : a much improved permissions function — strengthened password management — New portlet objects and presentations — additional sharing options for objects — various technical changes . . . all contribute to further advances in security, usability and collaboration.

  • New Feature - Created several new dashboard portlets based on reports
  • New Feature - Drilling down to TQL data via dashboard portlets
  • New Feature - Support for Enterprise Tester widgets on Geckoboards
  • New Feature - Implemented configurable password policy enforcement
  • New Feature - Added a password strength indicator
  • Enhancement - Upgraded existing dashboard portlets to use new graph and chart viewer
  • Enhancement - Run History graph upgraded to use new graph viewer
  • Enhancement - Automated Test Summary graph upgraded to use new graph viewer
  • Enhancement - Incident Package graph upgraded to use new graph viewer
  • Enhancement - Execution Set Package graph upgraded to use new graph viewer
  • Enhancement - Record who completes each individual step in the security audit log
  • Enhancement - Stop Test Execution status being set to "in progress" when a test case is opened
  • Enhancement - Improved security within Enterprise Tester
  • Enhancement - Allow synchronization of non-assigned items in ET to an "unassigned" user in JIRA
  • Enhancement - Ability to specify a default user in the "assign to" field for Incidents
  • Enhancement - Increased granularity of permissions for screen, grid, tree and API functions
  • Enhancement - Created Incident Package permissions
  • Enhancement - Implemented specific delete permissions
  • Enhancement - Implemented specific baseline permissions
  • Enhancement - Updated Manage Requirement packages permissions
  • Enhancement - Updated Manage Test Script packages permissions
  • Enhancement - Updated Manage Test Execution permissions
  • Enhancement - Updated Execute Test permissions
  • Enhancement - Implemented project based permissions to support the test management role
  • Fixed - Execution Status graph percentage now rounded to 2 decimal places
  • Fixed - Automation icons updated
  • Fixed - Picklist issues when copying entities from one project to another
  • Fixed - Added a link to help.catchsoftware.com to the in-app help
  • Fixed - Broken link in the in-app help
  • Fixed - Typo in pop down "completed" message when creating a script from an agile run
  • Fixed - Folders in explorer tree no longer collapse after opening a folder in admin tab
  • Fixed - Run Owner issue for TQL and grid column sorting now corrected, when populated from scripts that have not been opened / run yet
  • Fixed - After hitting save button in Edit Test Script, the screen now stays in the same tab where user was when saving
  • Fixed - Delete User no longer silently fails
  • Fixed - Step Number in Incident Auto Description and in View Associated Incidents with this Step Result header, is corrected
  • Fixed - Browse back button no longer restores previous session after logging out.
Version 5.0

Historical Release Notes: v5.0 - Productivity, Usability and Collaboration

Build 1900 - Released 5 December 2014

Enterprise Tester 5.0 enhances Productivity, Usability, and Collaboration via Shared Dashboards, a Burndown Chart, general UI modernisation and refresh, and underlying performance improvements!

  • New Feature - Tabs above the explorer tree have been removed and added as links in a more modern header bar.
  • New Feature - A new iconset has been implemented throughout.
  • New Feature - Burndown chart portlet has been added to the set of available portlets.
  • New Feature - Users can now share dashboards with other users, or groups of users, in Enterprise Tester.New Feature - Ability to add user-chosen avatars is available via the User Profile page.
  • New Feature - Ability to add a company avatar / logo is available via the Edit Organisation page.
  • New Feature - Version information is available on all screens, except dashboard pages.
  • Enhancement - Users who don't have access to Enterprise Tester can now see Enterprise Tester gadgets on a JIRA dashboard; individual authentication is no longer required.
  • Enhancement - Login page has had a minor refresh. Hope you like it!
  • Enhancement - Help is now accessible from the main header bar.
  • Enhancement - Buttons have had the dreaded green tinge removed.
  • Fixed - Environment and due dates not correctly synchronizing from Jira to Enterprise Tester.
  • Fixed – bugs effecting Trackback Comments for Incidents.
  • Fixed - Custom picklist entries can be deleted even when being used.
  • Fixed - 1000 JIRA issues per page returned, causing timeouts on JIRA Sync.
  • Fixed - Tasks Sync from JIRA and Custom Fields is not working (REST and SOAP link).
  • Fixed - Enterprise Tester portlets are now able to be displayed on JIRA 6.3+ dashboard.
  • Deprecated - Organisation dashboards that were unable to be shared.
  • Deprecated - Project dashboards that were unable to be shared.
Version 4.11

Historical Release Notes: v4.11 - Enhanced JIRA Integration & Bulk Deletions

Build 1822 - Released 15 July 2014

Enterprise Tester 4.11 introduces the ability to specify JIRA Query Language when synchronizing with JIRA and a new Bulk Deletion feature. Rover 1.1 takes testing offline, allowing you to run tests and log defects on the go, syncing your results back to your Enterprise Tester server later!

  • New Feature - Support introduced for mapping User fields in Enterprise Tester (CreatedBy / AssignedTo) to multi-user picker fields in JIRA.
  • New Feature - Bulk delete from grids (supports all entity types, including runs and packages).
  • New Feature - API for initiating a re-index of just a package and all its children.
  • New Feature - API for initiating a re-index of a single entity or group of entities.
  • New Feature - API for initiating a re-index of just incidents for a project.
  • New Feature - Support introduced for display script assignee as a field on execution grids.
  • New Feature - Support for mapping from Enterprise Tester multi-select fields to custom single and multi-select version fields in JIRA.
  • New Feature - Ability to specify JQL fragment as part of the filtering criteria when synchronizing with JIRA when using the JIRA 5.2+ plugin.
  • New Feature - API now supports setting ExternalUser on/off for Enterprise Tester users.
  • New Feature - Audit Logging support is now out of beta.
  • Enhancement - Error reporting from the attachment migrator console application has been improved.
  • Enhancement - EA Integration has been updated to support structured use case models created in the French edition of EA.
  • Enhancement - Baseline management screens now show baselines for child packages, and include a path column.
  • Enhancement - Lowered logging level of some common non-fatal errors to avoid alarming admins.
  • Enhancement - Error messages related to keep-alive pings improved.
  • Fixed - Save/Copy/Delete buttons disappear from the "Manage" tab upon subsequent searches.
  • Fixed - Adding users to groups is not immediately reflected in the users "assign groups" tab.
  • Fixed - Creating a relationship between requirements, then reverting, does not refresh relationships tab.
  • Fixed - Success messages displayed after renaming organization or project are repeated multiple times.
  • Fixed - Deleting a script package containing scripts with assignments with no runs causes all packages in the Explorer tree to disappear until ET is restarted.
  • Fixed - Some links on login screen lead to blank pages in the catch website.
  • Fixed - Deleting projects via right-click of project node in explorer causes exceptions to be continuously thrown until Enterprise Teser is restarted.
  • Fixed - Renaming EA use cases which have already been imported into ET causes duplicate scripts to be created upon subsequent import.
  • Fixed - Importing EA use cases more than once causes temporary duplicate requirements and scripts to appear in the explorer tree until ET is restarted.
  • Fixed - Script step order is reversed in Internet Explorer if editing a script where the number of steps (normally more then 8) causes the step editor to scroll.
  • Fixed - Activity stream dashboard portlet does not take browser time zone into consideration when shown in ET.
  • Fixed - Dashboard portlets do not take browser time zone into consideration when rendering inside JIRA.
  • Fixed - Run history, when right clicking and selecting "View Script Run" does not work in some cases.
  • Fixed - ET dashboard portlets when viewed inside JIRA are displayed with a blue title, instead of white, making them hard to read.
  • Fixed - Custom field values recorded for scripts are not shown in execution grids for associated script assignments until execution has begun.
  • Fixed - Resizing column widths/resizing browser window can cause fractional column widths which cause grid CSV export operations to fail.
  • Fixed - Colouring of error messages for EA integration was incorrectly show as green (success).
  • Fixed - Adding custom fields scoped to more than one entity can cause issues with displaying grids. Due to the fields appearing as duplicates in the field configuration screen.
  • Fixed - Error messages were inconsistent and uninformative when renaming nodes in the explorer tree.
  • Fixed - "Synchronize To" field stopped synchronization to "default links" when hidden form the incident screen.
  • Fixed - Date/time formats are consistently applied across all grids. This format is controlled by setting the ' Globalization Culture' of the ET server.
  • Fixed - API for retrieving incident with external links expanded fix to no longer intermittently return null external links (this caused some Rover crash issues).
  • Fixed - Format of date on license details screen updated to be consistent with rest of application.
  • Fixed - Minor in-app help fixes applied for TQL fields.
  • Fixed - Multi-step execution no longer displays "Not Run" status as "NotRun".<
  • Fixed - Grid filtering using very large TQL query no longer causes query errors.
  • Fixed - When downgrading or upgrading a JIRA connection, the associated activity stream synchronizers are now upgraded/downgraded simultaneously.
  • Fixed - Step-by-step execution no longer hangs at last step, if any of the steps have the outcome 'Undetermined'.
  • Fixed - Changing the actual duration of a run is now correctly reflected in TQL queries/graphs without having to perform a re-index.
Version 4.10

Historical Release Notes: v4.10 - Introducing Rover, the Enterprise Tester Mobile Client

Build 1804 - Released 14 February 2014

Enterprise Tester 4.10 introduces support for Rover, the ET mobile client. Rover takes testing offline, allowing you to run tests and log defects on the go and you can sync your results back to your ET server later! Full release notes below:


  • New Feature - Support for Enterprise Tester Rover (offline client) introduced.
  • New Feature - Incident Attachments API introduced.
  • New Feature - BETA of Security Audit Logging has been introduced.
  • New Feature - Ability to control which external system links are automatically selected when creating a new incident.
  • New Feature - Message warning administrators of disconnected packages (if detected) now shows on admin pages.
  • Enhancement - On Start up, ET checks to ensure App_data folder is writeable (so logging and import/export of data can work correctly.)
  • Enhancement - Custom fields appearing on JIRA Edit screens only (not on create screen) are now supported.
  • Enhancement - REST API FieldControls / FieldControlValues expands now replaced by Widgets and WidgetValues expands. Widgets represents both custom and in-built fields.
  • Enhancement - Creating/updating incidents via REST API now allows setting of the "Synchronize To" (external systems that the issue should be synchronized to). When set to null, this will be set to the set of default external systems.
  • Enhancement - Performance improved when retrieving incidents via API with $expand=Comments.
  • Enhancement - Default polling schedule for new incident project links is now 15 minutes, instead of 1 minute (which could cause excessive CPU usage for customers with many projects).
  • Enhancement - "External Identifiers" column in grid can now be sorted.
  • Enhancement - Better troubleshooting information is recorded in Enterprise Tester log file and returned to JIRA when OAuth problems occur establishing a connection between JIRA and Enterprise Tester for open social gadgets.
  • Enhancement - Priority field is now supported for Script Assignments and Agile Runs (as a synonym of ScriptPriority) so you can sort by this field when performing global or execution-wide searches.
  • Enhancement - Errors logged for some common actions now record HTTP headers, to aid in troubleshooting.
  • Fixed - Creating an incident (or making any changes) to a previous run with failed outcome will no longer result in incorrect display of information in tree view and execution status graphs.
  • Fixed - Bulk-create task no longer allows creating script assignments in a different project than the source script.
  • Fixed - Scrolling the list of steps (using mouse wheel) when editing a step field, no longer cancels the edit causing a loss of changes.
  • Fixed - Drag/drop of test script assignment to the TQL editor window now uses the shorter 'EntityType=ScriptAssignment' suggestion, instead of 'EntityType=TestScriptAssignment'.
  • Fixed - Exceptions logged during form submissions now mask password values when writing request details to log files.
  • Fixed - JIRA Synchronization now works correctly when the assignee field is hidden in both ET and JIRA.
  • Fixed - System Events / Synchronization History table size now restricted to prevent unbounded growth over time.
  • Fixed - "Accumulated Time Spent" column now correctly reports accumulated time.
  • Fixed - Importing CSV file with package path that contains a space at the end of a package name no longer causes import to fail.
  • Fixed - Incidents API for PUT and POST no longer fails if including custom fields (FieldControlValues).
  • Fixed - Migration #127 no longer fails when upgrading Enterprise Tester 4.8 or earlier to the latest version of Enterprise Tester when using Oracle database.
  • Fixed - Updating the hyperlink custom field to be null/empty via API using FieldValues no longer throws an error.
  • Fixed - Test Steps are no longer duplicated on CSV export from grid.\\Fixed - Execution packages no longer disappear from the Explorer tree after refresh, when performing a drag/drop of script package to execution package (to create script assignments).
  • Fixed - Synchronization field mapping for "Versions" in JIRA no longer hangs with "Loading, please wait..." message if results come back from JIRA too quickly.
  • Fixed - When the password hash is set to null, the user is now presented with an invalid password error on attempt to login instead of an exception message.
  • Fixed - Errors no longer occur when indexing if custom fields have been created and scoped to script run where previous runs were recorded prior to the new custom fields being introduced.
  • Fixed - Error message displayed when mapping from external system to Enterprise Tester, incorrectly suggesting the external system (JIRA/TFS/Rally) has no options configured.
  • Fixed - CSV export from grids returns date/time values in local time of client browser now (instead of local time of Enterprise Tester server).
  • Fixed - Execution script status by report now displays plan/package names correctly.
  • Fixed - Dashboard portlets when used as open social gadgets now works correctly when ET is exposed behind a reverse proxy.
  • Fixed - Creating Incident comments via API will correctly use identity of the user authenticating to the API rather than using "CreatedBy" user for the incident.
  • Fixed - Synchronization of large numbers of Issues with many comments from JIRA to Enterprise Tester for the first time no longer causes some issues to fail synchronization with errors related to comment creation in Enterprise Tester.
  • Fixed - Creating new incident comments via API using POST or PUT now correctly handles CreatedAt and LastUpdatedAt timezones.
  • Fixed - Retrieving a list of agile run step attachments using API no longer returns error if 1 or more attachments are associated with the step.
  • Fixed - All package types can no longer be saved in a "disconnected" state (no package or parent association).
  • Fixed - JIRA 5 external system now correctly transitions issues upon creation (if status of incident in ET does not match the status of the issue in JIRA immediately after creation).
  • Fixed - JIRA custom fields that are single-value, but represent their value as a JSON array, no longer cause the JIRA issue to Enterprise Tester incident mapping process to throw an exception.
  • Fixed - Auto-mapping field is more robust in handling addition of invalid values (such as null) and will no longer cause synchronization to fail in those cases.
  • Fixed - Session quotas are now correctly based on user, as opposed to user/session pairs - allowing testers to reliably access Enterprise Tester from 2 different browsers, and only being counted as a single user.
  • Fixed - Notifications API now allows POST to be called multiple times for a single user without a unique constraint violation error being returned.
  • Fixed - Rally release and iteration fields when mapped for sync returns only those values scoped to the project/child projects being synchronized.
  • Fixed - Rally release, iteration and owner fields will now sync correctly when those values are null/unassigned in Rally for a user story.
  • Fixed - For JIRA5 plugin, transitioning to Resolved status where "Resolution" is a required field now works correctly.
  • Fixed - Authentication now supports integrating with Crowd 2.7.1.
  • Fixed - If you clear the value from a hyperlink field and save, the changes are now correctly persisted.
  • Fixed - Formatting of multiple values in grid now correctly displays 1 value per line, sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed - Saving incidents with multiple components, fixed versions or affected versions assigned now works.
  • Fixed - Configuring "Number" inbuilt field to be non-visible no longer hides next field visible field from details tab of create/edit screens.
  • Fixed - Restoring previous version of entity no longer causes the "Name/Summary" or "Number" fields to be duplicated into the details tab of the create/edit screens.


Release Notes - Enterprise Tester - Version 7.3

Released 11th August 2020


Please note this release is for new entry-level Enterprise Tester Base customers only.  Enterprise Tester Core and Platform customers do not require this release.

Test Managers / Scrum Masters now do all your testing on one board - track your testing on the new Board view

Map, Do and now Track your testing with the new Kanban Board view in Enterprise Tester.

  1. New Kanban Board view
  2. Enhanced Map features making it easier to work with nodes on maps
  3. New Task and sub-task nodes to record work items

** New Features

- New Board view so that users can see and move items as cards on a Kanban Board 
- Added the ability to hold the shift key and drag to multi select nodes on a map
- Users can now view Board items as a List
- New node types of Task and Sub-task have been added so that users can include and track tasks
- Ability to filter the Kanban board based on node type (i.e. Test, Story, Task, Bug etc)
- Ability to swap between Map, List and Kanban Board views 

- Altered the connectors from curved to straight lines to make it easier to read
- First and Last names in the users and group screen are now mandatory
- User and Group names are now listed alphabetically in the Administration area
- Removed Test Set node from Maps to reduce confusion for users
- Added the application version to the user Preferences screen so that users can see the software version and link to the latest release information
- Aligned all dialog screens to have a consistent layout and button positioning across the application
- Project now have a Project Key
- Altered the Test status logic so that the test status is automatically updated if any test step is passed but not completed

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