Level Up Your Software Testing on Jira with Visual Mind Maps

Use the visual cues of mind maps to integrate the principals of information architecture into your test planning approach.

Why is using Information Architecture in testing important?

Collective testing intelligence has brought the importance of information architecture to the forefront of planning our digital environments. The testing process itself has not escaped the need for the benefits of a good user workflow.

If you’re not already using visual mind maps in your test management approach, your management system probably involves a mix of complex, hierarchical lists, tagged as various types of bugs, fixes, issues and tickets. Having new team members, project managers, testers, contributors or non-technical subject experts jump into a project and quickly get up-to-date with where the project is at, who does what and what needs to be done is almost impossible.

Visual mind mapping not only provides an opportunity for improved input and collaboration into the testing process – particularly useful when using a ‘rapid software testing’ – a business-needs approach to testing as outlined by testing guru Michael Bolton – as opposed to test-case driven, but it can reveal complexities and save time in the long run with branching showing clear relational depictions for early risk detection and easy identification of conditional outcomes.

Simplify the Complexities

Visually mapping your issue lists can reveal the large number of relational complexities in reaching every single outcome. Using a tool to hone in, collapse, expand and identify the areas of concern can allow redundant features and disruptive flows to be eliminated before any development time is spent on the problem.

Adding in emerging issue tree areas on the fly for addressing later, identifying risk areas for unexpected changes, and denoting new changes their functions for the testing team to reference are all things that can easily flow from a VisualMap process, that aren’t quickly possible in a list-governed environment.

A VisualMap lets your team coordinate across technical and non-technical barriers, so that you can get the most from an integrated and structured approach to your test planning.

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