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Elevate Your Testing: Duette Integration with Enterprise Tester

Seamlessly integrate automated testing tools with Enterprise Tester for enhanced testing visibility.

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Automated testing integration

Integrate & manage results from automated testing tools in Enterprise Tester with full visibility of testing status and progress.
  • Import results from automated testing tools into Enterprise Tester
  • View integrated results from automated and manual testing
  • Manage, move and update testing results
  • Track overall progress with status filters, scheduled imports and notes

Knowledge Base Resources

  • Duette – Automated Test Integration
  • Duette User Guide
  • Importing Automated Results – Scheduled Import
  • Importing Automated Test Results – Manual Import
  • Viewing Imported Results
  • Viewing Automated Run History
  • Execution Status Screen
  • JUnit Format
  • Setting up Automated Tests in the Script Library

Push results from your automation framework into Enterprise Tester with the Duette Client download on Github:

Duette. Enterprise Tester’s automated testing plugin.

Duette supports importing results from the following tools:
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester – 8.1 and 8.2 HTML Output
  • HP Quick Test Professional – 10 and 11 Output
  • Selenium HTML Suite
  • Unit Test Results
  • Custom results using XSLT data ( transforms Custom XML to J-Unit)
  • Gallio
  • JSUnit
  • JUnit
  • Microsoft MS Test
  • NUnit
  • Parasoft C+++test
  • PHPUnit

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