Risk profiler for enterprise tester platform
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Elevate Testing Precision with Real-Time Risk Monitoring

Enhance testing strategy with Risk Profiler’s live risk gadgets. Prioritize based on actual vs. acceptable risk levels.

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Risk profiler for testing

Add risk gadgets to your dashboard for real time updates on risk monitor scores.
  • Use the risk monitor to display actual level of risk vs. acceptable level of risk
  • Use the Risk Monitor Score from the project inception before test scripts have even been developed to develop a Risk Profile.
  • Use estimates to start building the framework for a Risk Profile
  • Optimise testing capacity by stopping testing when the acceptable level of risk meets the actual level of risk to

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Why would I use it?

Complete tests based on risk profiles.

Prioritize and schedule your test executions based on potential high-risk failures. This gives you confidence and velocity in your product going to market with the right areas being tested first.

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