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Test Planning & Management Tool

Manage multiple test cycles. Smartplanner makes it easy to allocate, manage and deliver complex testing projects in Enterprise Tester.

SmartPlanner is your Test Plan & Management Tool that offers you the ability to filter down on projects and components within Enterprise Tester and plan your test cycles and create test executions at the click of a button. Saving you time and to provide you a visual overview of your overall test plan. SmartPlanner is your next generation Test Plan Management tool that is continually being developed to meet your needs.

Other benefits include seeing all the information of your test cases in one single pane, assigning a batch of test executions to testers, see the status of each test execution from the overview and access your test execution directly from the view.

SmartPlanner 2.2.4 New Release Features:

The latest version 2.2.4 features a new table with greater performance capacity, improved test cycle support and new filter functionality.
  • Plan out your test cycles and executions from a single window
  • Get a summary overview on project status from the home screen pop up
  • Quickly assign test cases to test cycles and create executions
  • Bulk assign test executions to users
  • See all information related to your test cases from a single grid
  • See test cycle and test execution statuses all in one place
  • Jump straight to your test execution and either work on it or see information related to it from SmartPlanner

Test Planning and Test Management

A single screen to manage your test cases, create executions and assign to users.

Simplified Test Execution Status

A simple view to quickly understand how your test cycles are progressing and understand the status of individual test executions.

SmartPlanner offers a traffic light scheme to notify you if your test execution is: not started, in progress, passed, failed, blocked or undetermined.

Jump Straight to your Execution

As a test lead you can jump straight to the test execution from the planner, or if you are a small team, you can plan and initiate test executions from the same place.

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Current Version and Release Notes

Release Notes: v2.3.0
Version 2.2.4
Version 2.1
Version 2.0
Release Notes: v2.3.0

Release Notes: v2.3.0

smartplanner v2.3.0: Released 1st July, 2021


Bug fix release to resolve breaking advanced filter and pre - filter scenarios


** Bugs

-- Fixed, Execution Set Discrepancy between SmartPlanner and classic Enterprise Tester

-- Fixed, column configuration allows duplicate columns which breaks on table view

-- Fixed, duplicate Test Case names are not being consistently rejected by Classic Enterprise Tester.

- Fixed, SmartPlanner Configuration - Pre -filter option not displaying filters in table view

- Fixed, SmartPlanner Configuration - Pre -filter option for special classic Enterprise Tester inbuilt fields breaks table

- Fixed, "Test Script Assigned To" list of values should be the list from Scripts and the display format of user name as "FirstName LastName (UserName)"

- Fixed, Filters are disappearing when any existing drop down field is marked as a Pre - filter

- Fixed, Pre - filter is only showing a few inbuild classic Enterprise Tester fields. There are no custom fields

Version 2.2.4

Release Notes: v2.2.4

smartplanner v2.2.4: Released 1st September, 2020


Release Notes:

New and improved table performance, load speeds, filter functionality, UI and test cycle selection and support. 


 - Improvements on Summary page popup for a tablespace look and feel
- Alter the executive summary screen from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one
 - Smartplanner Code refactoring to increase table load performance
 - Replace existing table with new improved table to improve performance
 - Created multi-step migration scripts for database upgrades
 - Allows the ability to deselect some checkboxes after used the Select Entire Column Feature  
- Test cycle header check box behaviour improved
- Allowed Users to denote a test cycle v's a folder for grouping so that only test cycles display as valid options in the grid


Bug Fixes:
 - Resolved the sort and filtering in Classic Enterprise Tester not working
 - Fixed - If you click on the browser back button after while opening a tablespace "Data Loading " dialogue stays on the screen
 - Resolved - Poll Enterprise Tester button does nothing when trying to create a tablespace
 - Resolved - SmartPlanner is not opening when click on the tile when you first login
 - Fixed - Test Cycle order now Alphabetical.
 - Fixed - Assignee order now alphabetical
 - Fixed - Checking one box causes the previously checked box to become unchecked
 - Resolved - The number of results from the filter search are incorrect in the pagination section
 - Fixed - Pagination not working correctly
 - Resolved - Cell selection area is limited to a very small area next to the checkbox, not entire cell
 - Fixed - When product applicable field is selected the other value checkbox is deselected
 - Fixed - Cannot see table name in footer and if you have 2 rows of Filter headings you can see table name but not pagination
 - Fixed - In certain scenarios the first page is not displayed when you are on the last page
 - Fixed - Tooltip field is not working and not right tooltip on different cells shown
 - Fixed - When users deselect the product applicable it is not working
 - Resolved - The Progress bar does not always complete when creating runs
 - Fixed - In some scenarios the create run total is not reflecting the total numbers with header check box selection and deselection
 - Fixed - Not all assignments and runs are being created for the cells checked in Smartplanner
 - Fixed - Error message "Invalid Enterprise Tester URL" being displayed sometimes when sorting on column
 - Fixed - You can currently click on the create run button more than once
 - Resolved - Users cannot see Execution summary of tablespaces from dropdown list
 - Fixed - Project deletion leaves invalid Test cycle column in tablespace
 - Fixed - Project deletion leaves invalid value columns in tablespace
 - Fixed - Count not working correctly on select and deselect of checkboxes in table

Version 2.1

Release Notes: v2.1

smartplanner v2.1: Released 20th May, 2020


Release Notes:

New Features

    * Display table as soon as tablespace has been selected from the dashboard
    * Standardize SmartPlanner Font Size/Type to align with Enterprise Tester
    * Filter for blanks - Feature Request
    * Update execution status colours in Tablespace and Execution Summary table
    * There are no checkboxes for Test Cycles
    * Test Runs are not showing as being created in the UI - Tablespace but are created in ET
    * There is no Other option when adding new application


    * Count number of rows has at least one assignment checkbox checked
    * Display checked script counter on the left of pagination bar
    * Add a save button for bulk action
    * Bulk save event handling
    * Popup the confirmation window when "bulk save" button is clicked
    * Fix the Column config header row
    * Prompt change on Column config page
    * Add project column to column config page
    * Save project name as well project ID when save ET config
    * Filter "Parent package mapped" column when project selected
    * Hide "show status" and " entity mapped" column from column config page.
    * Update Tablespace config form validation
    * Add form validation to column config form
    * Set the max-width of table space field column to 30 chars , use less width if possible
    * Add delete script assignment API call
    * Show table space summary in pop up when "summary" icon clicked
    * Add API endpoint to get the summary data
    * Add a new person icon
    * Add User assignment page
    * Add an end point to bulk assign a user to execution packages
    * Table Space Form validation
    * Column config table form validation
    * Check db version and upgrade db to match latest version
    * Test Cycle name - no limitation on the length and wrap text horizontally
    * Fix product display name issue with migration script
    * Investigate - TQL Query (from SmartPlanner) yields error in Enterprise Tester(SPT-24984)
    * Bug fixes for UPGRADE to process
    * Add "check/uncheck all" checkbox below column name in table space table
    * Unnecessary calls are made when loading table spaces
    * Update execution statuses in tablespace summary
    * Update execution statuses in tablespace
    * Documentation - New & modified features and bug fixes
    * Create migration script for missing scripts between last production and current changes

    * Cannot add new external link - the Save button is not enabled
    * User not able to send feedback, got error
    * Entity check box - no validation message for required fields and the column settings are not saved
    * Change script package doesn't reflect on the column config
    * SmartPlanner is not getting updated when ET is updated with new packages
    * Cannot edit Groups using either Administration option
    * Unnecessary calls are made when loading table spaces
    * Tablespace columns configuration page always saves unsaved data whenever pressing back button
    * Validations for Values Check Box and enable editing
    * Parent package mapped not loaded with all first level execution packages of the selected projects
    * Cannot configure a new table in Test
    * Sort by Double-Clicking Header does is not working
    * Not allowing Test Cases to be Assigned to Test Cycles for certain Teams
    * TestCycle column is missing tooltip to show the full column name
    * Cannot configure columns on an existing tablespace
    * Mappings are not working in Configure Columns for Field and Value Checkbox
    * Error is occuring when trying to configure columns on project HTOTEM and aslo getting errors on other projects
    * When saving a tablespace configuration or opening a table an error is being displayed to do with getusers
    * The Select All button is not working for tablespace filters
    * ToolTip not working in tablespace
    * Sort not working on columns
    * When selecting value check box in tablespace an error is being displayed
    * Progress bar is not disappearing after creating script runs successfully completed
    * Double click on Execution in SmartPlanner Table is not opening the Execution in ET
    * There is no way to delete / remove a tool tip from configuration
    * ET fields are displaying as id's in tablespaces instead of text
    * ET Custom fields are not showing values in dropdown filters
    * When single clicking on Test Cycle field type, it is removing existing execution runs
    * Only the first two drop down filters are working
    * There is an extra line at the end of the tablespace for tables with more than 20 rows, when scrolling down and up a few times
    * UX - Any fields to the right of the last frozen field are not in line with the frozen fields
    * Provisioning user in ET is not working - error unauthorized
    * Status colours are not being updated in SmartPlanner , if the script run was created or assigned in SmartPlanner
    * The Select All button is not working for some field types
    * The Loading dialogue is no longer being displayed in between filters
    * Tablespace - In Progress colour is white it should be #C1CFE9  and Undetermined is #079BD9
    * TQL copied query from SmartPlanner to ET is not working when Blank option is selected
    * Sorting for ET inbuilt fields is broken and comes up with error
    * PackageName filter is showing a package twice

Version 2.0

Historical Release Notes: v2.0

smartplanner v2.0: Released 15th November 2019


Release Notes: