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Adding Applications to your CatchHub Dashboard

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Note: Only catchsystemadmin can add or delete applications.

To add or remove applications from your CatchHub dashboard you will need to click the menu bar in the top left and then navigate to Administration menu

Once this menu appears, navigate to Apps where you can now add and remove applications. For the purpose of this scenario we will add an Atlassian JIRA dashboard link.

From the bottom of the page select Add a new link, this will then display a blank application prompt where you can fill in the information required.

By default Catch has some pre-loaded applications such as; Catch products, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence and Microsoft DevOps. These automatically have the logos for the products available to make your life easier. Simply select the appropriate product from the dropdown.

If you would like to add your own product that is not in the list, then select “Other” and you will have the option to upload your own logo following the recommended size of 500px x 466px

Once you have added the product, and the required information, do not forget to point the tile to the desired URL i.e.

You can also specify the order of tiles by the numbering system of 1 – 12, as CatchHub supports up to 12 applications at this time.

When you are happy, press Save Changes and return to your CatchHub dashboard where your new applications will be displayed.

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