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Adding Steps to Test Scripts

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To add steps to the Test Script:

Click on the Steps tab.

For each step, the following fields are available:

DescriptionWhat the tester should do
Expected ResultWhat the tester should see as a result
DataAny data that the tester should use
NotesAdditional notes to the tester                                

You can add as many steps as are required by tabbing through each row to add another step.

If you have multiple steps you can click the Go To Step button and enter the step number you would like to highlight.  

The Insert button will add a new row underneath the row you have highlighted. 

Using the Move button you can move your step to any position required, the other steps will be reordered accordingly.

DeleteCutCopy and Paste functions can also be performed using the buttons on this screen, you can select multiple steps by using the Shift or Control buttons to perform this in bulk.

You can also access the short cut keys menu by right clicking on the screen.

The Paste function will always paste contents below the row you have highlighted.
Additionally most of the buttons on this page have quick keys – if you hover over the button you will see the relevant quick key in brackets.
To use the quick keys you will need to highlight the affected step.

Quick KeyFunction
GGo to Step
IInsert Step Before ( Note that the Insert button the tool bar always inserts after the highlighted row)
AInsert Step
DELDelete Step
MMove Selection to Step

Copy Steps from One Test Script to Another

Enterprise Tester supports copying steps from one Test Script to another.  

Simply select the steps you wish to copy, click on the Copy button on the tool bar or use the short cut key “C“.

Open the destination Test Script and use the Paste function on the tool bar to copy the steps to the Test Script.

Reusable Test Steps

You can also add Reusable Test Steps to a Test Script.

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