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Assign Test Cases to specific Test Cycles

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One of the primary uses for SmartPlanner is to rapidly assign multiple test cases to test cycles and by doing this, create the test executions. From there you can jump straight to the execution and see the status of it.

The table configuration for this scenario. See here for a walkthrough on creating a table.

Once you are in the table, you can then work down the right hand side and assign the test cases to your cycles. You can filter down further on specific areas via the drop down filter tickbox in the table configuration.

Additionally, you can copy and paste the current filter in an Enterprise Tester TQL search box

As you assign the test cases to test cycles, they turn grey to show they have been created, but no action has been taken. The color of the cells will change color based on their status in Enterprise Tester (in progress, blocked, passed, failed etc.)

If you would like to bring up a specific test execution from the above tablespace, simply double click the grey area of the cell behind the checkbox.

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