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Assigning Tests and Change Tester Mid Run

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Once you have assembled your tests in an Execution Set you can assign them to users. 

To do this:

  • Double click the Test Execution folder, Test Scripts to be executed will be displayed.
  • Select the tests by clicking the box on the left hand side.
  • Select the user from the pick list and then click on the Assign button.

The scripts will now be assigned to the select user.

Change Tester Mid Run

The Tester can be changed mid-run to support workflows where more than one tester may execute the same script run. 

This feature allows one tester to Complete the script run of another tester. To change the tester, right click on the script run in the execution set and select Change Tester. The Change Tester dialog box will appear.

The Change Tester dialog box will provide information about the script and allow a new tester to be set to continue running the script.

Change Tester to Me button provides a quick way to change the tester to the current user.

If the User chooses this option the script execution screen will appear allowing the user to complete the run. 

The tester can also be changed when viewing a Script with the status “In Progress”. When viewing a script that is in progress, a warning message will display that indicates that the script is in process. The message also provides a link to bring up the Change Tester dialog.

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