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Bulk Actions

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Bulk actions are a common extension point within Enterprise Tester, exposed as features of the grid (normally a button, or selection field and button combination).

Bulk actions can be invoked asynchronously by issuing a POST request to the backgroundtasks collection resource, with the configuration information including the command being invoked passed in the Parameters collection, as show in the example below:

{"Type": "bulkaction","Parameters": {"commandName": "BulkCopy","scenarioName": "BulkCopyScriptsScenario","targetId": "ab1bd3c3-f30b-43b2-82e2-a07e0133511c","targetType": "TestScriptPackage","targetPackageId": "ab1bd3c3-f30b-43b2-82e2-a07e0133511c","sourcePackageId": "4016f35b-817f-459e-8533-9fc8015335c8","projectId": "c651ed19-5375-475a-a539-9f6401467130","selections":[{"Id":"0a02cb6d-4afa-463c-a6df-9fe400b7d8fc","Type":"TestScript"},{"Id":"0a675d09-78cd-463e-a600-9fc80153481b","Type":"TestScript"}],"retainStructure":true}}

If we pull apart the above request we can see that we are:

  • Invoking the command “BulkCopy”.
  • Invoking the command scenario “BulkCopyScriptsScenario” – many commands have more then one associated scenario, and you must use the scenario applicable to your source and target package type, and the type of items you have selected.
  • For move and copy operations there needs to be a target and source package (targetPackageId and sourcePackageId) – the source package is used as the “Root” of the bulk copy/move operation so that retain structure can calculate what folders are required.
  • In the above example, our targetType and targetId is the same as the targetPackage.
  • The selected items to copy “selections” – each selection features an Id and a Type (any type which is supported in TQL as a valid EntityType alias will work here i.e. Script and TestScript will both be treated as a TestScript entity type).
  • “retainStructure” – which is a parameter specific to bulk/copy move to retain the packages related to the sourcePackage when copying to the targetPackage.

Available commands

  • Bulk Assign (AssignBulkActionScenario)
  • Bulk Copy (BulkCopyAssignmentsScenario, BulkCopyRequirementsScenario, BulkCopyScriptsScenario)
  • Bulk Create Assignments (BulkCreateScriptAssignmentsScenario)
  • Bulk Create Scripts (BulkCreateScriptsScenario)
  • Bulk Create Scripts From Agile Runs (BulkCreateScriptsFromAgileRunsScenario)
  • Bulk Delete (BulkDelete)
  • Bulk Move (BulkMoveAssignmentsScenario, BulkMoveRequirementsScenario, BulkMoveScriptsScenario)
  • Export (CSV)
  • Traceability (CSV)
  • Update Script Statuses (UpdateScriptStatusBulkActionScenario)

CSV Export command

The CSV Export command is an example of an action which has a payload (an exported file) which you can download after completing the action – first, here is an example of a CSV export task being created:

{"Type": "bulkaction","Parameters": {"scenarioName": "CSV","encoding": "UTF8","delimiter": "comma","onlyVisibleColumns": false,"includeHeader": true,"includeSteps": true,"includeStepsResults": true,"query": "Name ~ export","exportAll": true,"commandName": "Export"}}

As a result of creating this task, the response will indicate where the task updates can be fetched from via GET using the “Self” URL:

{  "Complete": false,"TotalElements": 0,"ProcessedElements": 0,"StartedAt": "2012-07-03T12:16:30Z","ProgressInPercent": 0.0,"Id": "bulkaction_Export_CSV_56065c63-cdf7-4285-ab10-321646317be8","Message": null,"Self": "http://localhost:29840/api/backgroundtask/bulkaction_Export_CSV_56065c63-cdf7-4285-ab10-321646317be8"}

When the task has completed, fetching the task will include in it’s response details of the where you can then download the exported file from (indicated in the “exportedfile” link).

{"Complete": true,"StartedAt": "2012-07-03T12:16:30Z","FinishedAt": "2012-07-03T12:16:30Z","ProgressInPercent": 1.0,"Id": "bulkaction_Export_CSV_56065c63-cdf7-4285-ab10-321646317be8","Message": "Completed","TotalTimeToExecute": "0s","FileName": "export-Entities-2012-07-04-121630am.csv","ContentType": "text/csv","Encoding": "UTF8","Self": "http://localhost:29840/api/backgroundtask/bulkaction_Export_CSV_56065c63-cdf7-4285-ab10-321646317be8","Links": [{"Href": "http://localhost:29840/api/exportfile/export-Entities-2012-07-04-121630am.csv","Rel": "exportedfile"}]}
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