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Compiler Suite – Data Driven Testing

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What is Compiler Suite?

Compiler Suite enables automatic generation of a number of Test Cases that contain defined variables and data.  Once variables and data are defined, there are three generation methods:

1) Row by row – where the data in each row is generated as a single test case.

2) Minimum number – where the minimum number of tests are generated to cover each piece of data once.

3) Pairwise method – based on the observation that most faults are caused by interactions of at most two factors, Pairwise-generated test suites cover all combinations of two therefore are much smaller than exhaustive ones yet still very effective in finding defects. 

A step by step process is available:

Why would I use it?

Smarter test practices mean time is gained and quality is increased, data generation methods can result in up to 85% time savings when creating test suites.  Benefits are:

  • Creating combinatorial data for data load tests.
  • Quickly creating hundreds of Test Cases where repetition is required.
  • Data driven test planning.
  • Creating test cases for an already implemented module without any documented specification. 
  • During review or walk through of specifications or code.
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