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Step 1 – Compiler Suite Details tab

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Compiler Suite Details tab is consistent with the Test Script details screen.  

Any details you record here will be included in the generated Test Scripts, this includes Custom fields.

 Once you have added information in the Details tab as required, click the Next button.

By default, the below fields are available, fields may differ if there are added custom fields or hidden fields as updated by your Enterprise Tester Administrator.

NumberScript number
NameA short name for the test script
PrioritySelect from the pick list
StatusSelect from the pick list
TypeSelect from the pick list
Est. DurationAn estimate of how long the script should take to run 
Assigned ToWho is assigned the Test Script
DescriptionA description of the test script
ObjectiveThe objective of the test
Pre-conditionsAny conditions that must exist before the test script can be run
Post-conditionsAny conditions that should result once the test script has completed
NotesNotes related to the test script

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