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Configuring a Mail Server

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Configuring a Mail Server

Enterprise Tester supports the ability to configure a mail server to support event notification. To configure a mail server, from the Admin tab, expand Configuration and double click on Mail Server.

Enter the details for your mail (STMP) server.



EnableCheck to enable your mail server.
HostEnter the host name of your mail server.
PortEnter the port to use to retrieve mail from your mail server. In general the ports for SMTP servers are: SMTP – port 25 Secure SMTP (SSMTP) – port 465 Secure SMTP (using StartTLS) – port 587
TimeoutEnter the Timeout in Millisec
UserNameThe user name used to authenticate the account
PasswordThe password used to authenticate the account
From AddressThe email address that will be used as the sender in the email (Note that this does not work for Gmail as this provider does not allow impersonation)
Email PrefixThis the prefix that will be added to email subject

Here are some examples of how to configure the settings for Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail/livemail/Outlook.com:



Hotmail/Live mail/Outlook.com

Host: smtp.gmail.com Username: full gmail address e.g. user@gmail.com Password: gmail password Port: 587 SSL: yesHost: smtp.mail.yahoo.com Username: full yahoo address e.g. user@yahoo.com Password: yahoo mail password Port: 465 SSL: yesHost: smtp.live.com Username: full hotmail address Password: hotmail password Port: 587 SSL: yes
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