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Copy Script Runs

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A tablespace is a filtered list of your test cases where you can assign them to test cycles and work within the SmartPlanner application.

Script runs can be copied from one test cycle to another.
The Copy script runs icon will not be enabled until script runs have been selected in a test cycle.

Copy script runs is enabled once script runs have been selected

Copy script runs

  • Highlight the script runs that you want to copy then click on the Copy script runs icon.
A list of available test cycles to copy the script runs to will be displayed.
  • Select the test cycle where you want to copy the script runs to. 
    The script runs will be copied to the destination test cycle.                    
  Script runs are successfully copied to the destination test cycle

Error pop up screen

There are two situations where you can not copy from a source test cycle to a destination test cycle;

  1. If the source test cycle selected does not have a script run already created (so there is nothing to move from)
  2. If the script runs selected already exist in the destination test cycle.

When these situations occur the following pop up screen will be displayed , showing which tests are affected.

  • Download – will download the log to a text file
  • Proceed – will skip the script runs shown and proceed to create the valid script runs that were selected.
  • Cancel –  will not create any script runs.

Note: If all the script runs selected from the source destination are to be skipped (can not be copied) then only the Download and Cancel buttons will be enabled

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