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Creating a tablespace in SmartPlanner

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A tablespace is a filtered list of your test cases where you can assign them to test cycles and work within the SmartPlanner application.

To create a tablespace you need to be a member of a group that has the SmartPlanner administrator permission in CatchHub

To create the table, select in the middle of the dashboard, this will load a prompt to begin creating your table structure.
The following prompt will appear

Fill out the appropriate information, and ensure your Enterprise Tester credentials are correct and have admin permissions within Enterprise Tester.

Once you have filled out the information, Poll Enterprise Tester and the appropriate projects and packages will become available to filter down on.

Note: You can add more than one project or multiple packages to filter down on.

You have the ability to add a “pre-filter” for the table should you wish for the entire table to filter on a specific property such as priority, status etc.

Once you are happy with the projects and packages presented select Configure Columns, you will then be presented with the below screen to create your table.

Every row is a column in the tablespace

To add a column in SmartPlanner, select the + icon in the top right corner

Options when creating a row

  • Type
    • Field
      • A field in which there is data from Enterprise Tester, such as Name, Description, Status etc.
    • Test Cycle checkbox
      • A checkbox that allows you to assign a test case to a test cycle and create a test execution
    • Value Checkbox
      • A checkbox that allows a user to assign a test case to a specific product, such as “Version 1” to then allow this to be filtered on further in another table where an entity checkbox would be used
  • Project 
    • This is a newly added column and is used to select a specific project IF there is more than one project, otherwise this column will not show.
      Once a project is selected, the next column “Execution Package” will be propagated where a user can select a parent execution package from anywhere in the hierarchy

  • Column Name
    • If you leave this blank, as you select a mapping to the box this field will prefill, otherwise you can enter your own column name
  • Field Mapped
    • Only used for Field type and Value checkbox rows and not Test Cycle checkbox
  • Value Mapped
    • Only used for Value checkbox types where you can nominate a value to map (see below where severity of a test case is used)
  • Execution Package
    • This is where you specify the test cycle that a test execution will be assigned to (see below for Test Cycle 1 and 2)
  • Dropdown filter
    • This allows you to filter on the field to allow finding the information/data you need easier.
    • This column will be enabled only for “Field” type columns and for ET standard drop downs & Custom fields
    • Note: This must be a combo box or multi-select field in ET
  • Freeze Column
    • Freezes the column to the left of the screen
  • Tooltip field
    • Allows you to map an additional field to a cell where you can hover over and get more information, i.e. Name could have a hover over tooltip to show the description of the test case
  • Ability to delete the row (rubbish bin)
  • Up and down arrows to rearrange the columns
Screenshot of a Test Cycle checkbox/Test case assignment table
Screenshot of a Value checkbox/Higher level checkbox table

Once you are happy with the table press Save & Close and you will be returned back to the main dashboard where you should see your table (if you clicked display on dashboard on the first screen). Once you click on your table and it loads it will look something like


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