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Creating Relationships

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Relationships can be created in a number ways within Enterprise Tester.

Creating Relationships

Relationships can be created easily by dragging and dropping entities in the Explorer Tree within a project.  Can be performed individually or in bulk.


Individual Relationships

Drag and drop within Explorer Tree:

RequirementTest Script
RequirementAutomated Test Script
Automated Test ScriptRequirement
Test ScriptTest Script
Test ScriptAutomated Test Script


Bulk Relationships

Drag and drop within Explorer Tree:

RequirementTest Script PackageSingle Requirement will be related to all Test Scripts within the package.
Test ScriptRequirementSingle Test Script will be related to single Requirement.
Requirement PackageTest ScriptAll Requirements in the package will be related to the single Test Script.
Test ScriptRequirement PackageSingle Test Script will be related to all the Requirements within the package.

Bulk Relationships via the Matrix Report

Relationship can also be managed via the Matrix Report.



Editing Relationships

View and manage requirement Relationships from the Relationships tab.

Associated Requirements, Scripts, Script Runs, Automated Tests, Automated Test Runs and Incident relationships are displayed.

Edit a relationship direction by selecting a requirement that is related to the requirement you are viewing and clicking the Editbutton.


Other Ways to Add Relationships

You can add relationships via the Relationships tab if you require.

To add a relationship select the requirement you wish to associate and click the Add button – the Add Relationship pop up dialogue is displayed.

Valid Requirement associations to choose from are:

  • Association – Requirement to Requirement Relationship
  • Coverage – Automated Test to Requirement Relationship
  • Coverage -AgileRun to Requirement Relationship
  • Coverage – Test Script to Requirement Relationship
  • Dependency – Requirement to Requirement Relationship

Valid Test Script associations to choose from are:

  • Association – Test Script to Test Script
  • Association – Test Script to Automated Test
  • Coverage – Test Script to Requirement




Select a Destination Entity:


Select a Direction:


Removing Relationships

You can remove a relationship by selecting a Requirement, Automated Test Script or Test Script that is related to the Requirement you are viewing and clicking the Remove button.

Relationships can also be removed via the Matrix Report.

Removing Relationships

You will not be prompted for a confirmation to remove Relationships.

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