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Default Timeouts

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Enterprise Tester allows you to have as many users as you want but limits the number of users that can connect to the server at the same time (called a session) to the number of licenses that you have.

To prevent licenses from being locked by users that have logged on and then stopped using Enterprise Tester, timeouts are used to disconnect inactive user. There is a warning timeout where the user can select to keep the session going and a timeout where the user session is terminated. The values for this can be set in the default timeout screen.

To set the default timeouts:

  • Select the Admin Tab of the tree view and expand it out to show Configuration
  • Right click on the Configuration folder and select Configure timeouts. The Configure Session Timeouts screen will display.
  • Enter the timeout warning – this is time at which the warning message will be displayed and the user can select to keep the session going.
  • Enter the time out – this is time at which when the user will have to log back in to start a new session.
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