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Duette – Automated Test Integration

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Integrate Automated Test Tools with Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester’s automated test integration is called Duette.  Duette enables the import and viewing of test tools from a variety of Automated test Tools and formats.

Duette supports the import of results in the following formats:

  • IBM Rational Functional Tester – 8.1 and 8.2 HTML Output
  • HP Quick Test Professional – 10 and 11 Output
  • Selenium HTML Suite
  • Unit Test Results
  • Custom results using XSLT data ( transforms Custom XML to J-Unit)
  • Gallio
  • JSUnit
  • JUnit
  • Microsoft MS Test
  • NUnit
  • Parasoft C+++test
  • PHPUnit

On import, results are presented in Enterprise Tester and can be filtered or queried as required:


  • Import automated test results from folders and .zip files.
  • View the results of automated tests, including screen shots and test data.
  • Track overall progress across both automated and manual tests.
  • Import results from Rational Functional Tester, QuickTest Professional and Selenium.
  • Scheduled import of automated test results.
  • Status filters and notes for automated results.
  • Duette can also be configured to push results from your automation framework into Enterprise Tester, see Duette Client:

Note: Duette requires current licenses for both Duette and Enterprise Tester to create new automated tests, automated test assignments or import new runs. 

See the User Guide

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