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Aggregations are useful for collecting summary information across large sets of data, but in some cases you may wish to retrieve the names & ID’s of those entities which matched each group or facet. In these cases the “Entities” aggregate function can be used.


Plain form:


Form with a set limit of results per node (if no value supplied, it will default to 50):


Form which will return any number of results:


Note: Be careful when using this option, it is not a good idea unless you absolutely need all the results, because results are not fetched in pages.

These queries may take a long time to execution when there is a large amount of data.


Group by the status of all entities in a particular project, displaying the entities matching each status:

GROUP BY Status { Entities } WHERE Project = 'Project X'

Here is the output of executing the above query:

Note: Nodes can be clicked on to view the associated record, and hovering over the node will show the Type, Name and ID of that node.

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