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Estimated v Remaining Time

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This report shows the progress of the test comparing the Estimated to the Actual time spent so far.

The Results Tab

This report has two graphs:

  • Execution TimeThis shows the total estimated for the selected execution scripts verses the actual and the remaining time available. Note that once all the estimated time has been used no remaining time will be displayed as shown above.
  • Execution StatusThis shows the number of scripts that are in each status

The report data is then shown in the table below.

The Criteria Tab

The available filters for this report are: 

Execution PlanFilter to select a plan within the test execution set for the project
From Filter to tests run after a date
ToFilter to tests run before a date
Script StatusSelect the required values
Min Original EstimateDisplays tests where estimated vs. actual % is greater than this value
Max Original EstimateDisplays tests where estimated vs. actual % is less than this value
Assigned toFilter the selected users
Run By UsersFilter to the selected users                    
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