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Geckoboard Integration

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Geckoboard is an online dashboard product that lets you monitor company-related information in real time.

The following Enterprise Tester portlets are available to be displayed in Geckoboard:

  • Execution Status
  • Burndown Chart
  • Total Scripts Run
  • Estimated versus Remaining Time
  • Pie Chart

 Your instance of Enterprise Tester must be web accessible to be integrated with Geckoboard.

Connecting to Geckoboard

To connect Enterprise Tester portlets to a Geckoboard dashboard:

  • Create a dashboard in Enterprise Tester containing any of the above supported portlets (see Creating Dashboards).
  • When a portlet is created, click the Pin in the top right hand corner of the portlet. 
  • In the pop up, select the Geckoboard tab and click the Share button
  • Click copy to clipboard
  • Log into Geckoboard and create a blank dashboard
  • Click the Add Widget button 
  • Select Custom Widgets
  • Scroll Down and select a Highcharts Chart
  • Edit the Title and Size fields as required
  • In the URL data feed field paste the URL copied from the Enterprise Tester portlet in step 4.
  • Click Add Widget

You will now see your Enterprise Tester portlet added to the Geckoboard dashboard.  

You can add multiple Enterprise Tester portlets to each Geckoboard dashboard. 

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