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Getting Started with SmartPlanner 2.0

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SmartPlanner is your Test Plan Management Tool that offers you the ability to filter down on projects and components within Enterprise Tester and plan your test cycles and create test executions at the click of a button.

First, to be able to access SmartPlanner, if you are not an administrator, you will need to be provided the correct permissions. You will need to make sure your user is added to the correct group with the correct permissions in CatchHub.

To access SmartPlanner click on the tile on your CatchHub dashboard
Once in SmartPlanner you will be presented with your table spaces in a circular menu format. To access a table, click on the table and it will load, you can also use the drop down menu at the bottom to find other tables that may not be on the dashboard.

Within SmartPlanner you have the ability to:

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