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Admin Tab – View of Admin tree and associated functions.

Agile Run – An entity used to document test steps performed as and when they are being run.

Automated Test – An entity representing the Automated Test import.

Automated Test Assignment – An entity containing imported automated test data.

Custom Field – Fields that can be added to entity screens to customize data held in Enterprise Tester.

Entity – Generic description for Agile Run, Automated Test, Automated Test Assignment, Execution Package, Incident, Requirement, Requirement Package, Script, Script Assignment, Script Package.

Explorer Tab – Working folder of Enterprise Tester where all projects and entities can be viewed.

Execution Package – The folder that Test Execution data sits under.

External System – A system external to Enterprise Tester.

External System Links – Project specific links to external systems.

Grid – Tabular display of all items in a summary view.

Group – Users can be added to Groups.  Groups can be assigned permissions.

Incident – An entity representing a problem, defect, bug etc.

Incident Package – The folder that Incident data sits under.

Notification – E-mail or in Tray notifications.

Organisation – Enterprise Tester is licensed to an Organisation.

Permission – Users and Groups have associated permissions to allow them to perform specific functions in Enterprise Tester.

Package – Typically known as a folder.  A place to store entities in a structured way.

Picklist – Values listed in a drop down combo box.

Project – A structure that contains

Project Category – A folder allowing the nesting of Projects to provide structure in the Explorer Tab.

Project Templates – Templates used when creating new projects, these determine what the folder structure and picklist values are.

Reports Tab – View of Reporting templates and queries.

Resources Tab – View of functions related to external systems.

Requirement – An entity representing a feature request, requirement, user story etc.

Requirements Package – The folder that Requirement data sits under.

Script – An entity representing a Test Script or Test Case, containing step by step information on what should be covered in testing.

Script Assignment – An entity that sits under the Execution Package, essentially the Test Script ready to be run.

Script Run – Each Script Assignment can have multiple Test Runs. Script Runs store the information for

Swagger – Framework for APIs, used for describing and testing the API.

Test Script – An entity representing a Test Script / Test Case, including Test Steps.

Test Script Package – The folder that Test Script data sits under.

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