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Installing Enterprise Tester with Installer file

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Installation Steps Using a Separate Database Server – Installer File

If you are planning to configure your own production database on another server 

Before attempting to install Enterprise Tester for use with another database ensure that you follow the steps below.

Before Installing Enterprise Tester

  1. Create an empty database on your SQL server, supported databases are listed here.
  2. Ensure that the user you intend Enterprise Tester to use when accessing the database has been given correct permissions to create and remove tables, columns, indexes, constraints etc.

Installing Enterprise Tester Using the Standard Setup

The following steps must be completed before you access Enterprise Tester, this set of installation files do not install a database:

  1. Download the standard Enterprise Tester installation Files labelled ”” located here.
  2. Run the .exe file to initiate the installation of all the required files (the .exe file may need to be run with elevated permission levels so that all components can be installed). 
  3. Configure the web.config database details.
  4. Access Enterprise Tester site via Start -> All Programs -> Enterprise Tester -> Enterprise Tester.
  5. There will be a small delay as the application creates all the tables in the target database, before performing the initial configuration which will guide you through setting your organization name, license details and administrative user.

Once this has completed, you can access Enterprise Tester and complete the initial setup.

If an error occurs upon starting due to an incorrect connection string, if you edit the web.config file it should then trigger the application to start again.

Once restarted, refresh the page for the Enterprise Tester website, and have it attempt to create all the tables again. If the error occurred for another reason i.e. insufficient permissions, you will need to restart IIS / the default website, so you can attempt to run the installation process again.

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