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Managing Test Script Packages

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In order to allow you to group the Test Scripts in a meaningful way you can add packages to the Script Library and move them once created.

Adding Test Script Packages

To add Test Scripts Packages to Enterprise Tester:

  • Navigate to the Script Library section of the project in the explorer view.
  • Right click on the Test Script folder or a Package within it and select Add Test Script Package or select the Add Script Package icon at the top of the explorer tree view.
  • The Add Test Script Package dialog will appear.
  • Enter a name for the package and click on the Save button- the Test Script Package will be created in under the selected package.

Moving Test Script Packages

You can move Test Script Packages if required using drag & drop functionality.

To do this:

  • Expand the Explorer view until you can see the Test Script Package.
  • Select the Test Script Package and drag it to the required location.
  • The Test Script Package and everything within it will move to the selected location.
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