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Requirements History and Versions

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You can view the history of changes made to a requirement. To do this:

Select the History tab of the requirement when you have the requirement open for editing – the history of changes will be displayed.

You can filter the list of changes displayed by selecting from the filters below and clicking on Search.

FieldSelect the field that you want to filter by.
UserSelect the user you want to filter by.
Date FromSelect the start date you want to filter by.
Date ToSelect the end date you want to filter by.
Change IDSelect the Change ID you want to filter by.

The filtered list will be displayed – to clear the filter click on Reset.

Requirement Versions

Enterprise Tester also creates versions of requirements each time a set of changes are made. The Versions tab lists the versions that have been created over time and provides the following information:

VersionSequential version numbers
Created AtTimestamp at which the version was created
Created ByThe user that made the change
CommentComments regarding the source of the version   

This tab also displays detailed information for the selected version showing the difference between that version and the latest version. Details provided are:

PropertyThe name of the property.
Value (latest ver)The current value of the property for the version.
Value (selected ver)The value of the property for the selected version.
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