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Specifying the Date Format

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By default the date format is set to display the New Zealand date format ( i.e. d/MM/yyyy). This setting affects the date display format for all grids (e.g. Requirements, Script Library, Execution Sets, Incidents etc.) including entity and synchronization history. This setting does not affect language.

The display date format can be configured by updating the globalization culture setting in the <system.web> section of the web.config file. To change the format to the US date format ( i.e. M/d/yyyy), update the web.config file as follows:

  1. Open the ET web.config file
  2. Locate the section <system.web></system.web>. The setting  <globalization culture=”en-NZ” uiCulture=”en-NZ” /> will be listed there.
  3. Change this setting to <globalization culture=”en-US” uiCulture=”en-US” />

 Click here to expand the table with all the supported globalization cultures.

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