Catch is here to help you get ready for the changes to Atlassian Server and Data Center products

On Friday 16th October Atlassian announced the discontinuation of its Server licensing, effective 2nd February 2021. Price increases to Data Center subscriptions come into effect on the same date.

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We appreciate the huge impact this will have on Atlassian customers and recommend you take action now.

Catch’s expert team are here to help customers with this transition. We can advise on Data Center and Cloud options as well as get you the best possible pricing for your Atlassian licensing before price increases come into effect.

Get Ahead of the Changes: Know Your Options and Plan Your Migration

If you are an Atlassian customer now is the time to get across the coming changes. Catch can future-proof your licensing strategy by guiding you through optimisation of your subscription costs, time your renewals around the new deadlines, and sync your migrations around the Atlassian Cloud Development Roadmap.

We've created resources for you to get informed about the coming migration options and how to ensure your optimal licensing cost strategy:


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Moving Forward Together

Catch is here to help guide your business through every step of the way. Contact us for your free one-on-one consultations to discuss the next steps for migrations, renewals, and how to make sure you get the best possible pricing with a plan and timeline tailored to the needs of your business in context of the specific changes coming in your Atlassian stack. 


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