Catch Cloud Tier 2 is our Enterprise level hosting solution for Atlassian Applications, suitable for the organization that sees its Atlassian toolset as mission critical.

Organizations want to consume tools without the hassle of hosting and maintaining them, yet want to ensure that their data is secure and retrievable, and downtime is minimized. With Catch Cloud Tier 2, we have developed a proprietary hosting solution that fully supports the capabilities of the Atlassian toolset and can scale with your organization's growth.

Having both Development and Production environments, you can start testing potential solutions to business problems without impacting your Production processes. This allows for rapid iteration and development of business automation, supporting people to undertake more high-value work.

Your tools are kept up to date, and available, wherever your organization is or wants to be. Using Atlassian Data Center, your tools can be available in a globally distributed solution, providing scale to support your Organization