Catch has partnered with the New Zealand Government to develop a secure hosting platform that provides the Government with the ability to host Restricted level data in the cloud.

In 2018, Catch received certification from the New Zealand Government that its Catch Security Cloud met its official requirements to be the first Cloud solution for restricted data.

Catch Security Cloud uses our standard infrastructure and has a number of features that enhance its security capabilities to enable highly sensitive data to be stored.

Catch Security Cloud can exceed NZ Government’s requirements, with even more security features available to support up to Top Secret level data.

Catch aligns with NZISM and ISO 27001:2013 to ensure that Catch Security Cloud is available to be used across the world for highly sensitive use cases.

Catch Security Cloud is designed for the enterprise organization that seeks a high-quality hosting solution, yet through either its industry or legal requirements needs its data protection to be of an extremely high level.

Catch Security Cloud has undergone many security assessments to ensure its capability and security is of the highest caliber, and is available in a range of tiers to support mission criticality. Where security features are required, our architectural design provides for multiple redundancies and environments to ensure risk is controlled.

A range of security features are available to meet a customer’s needs, selectable to the individual customer’s risk profile.

These enable individualised security settings to be applied to meet various legislative requirements, including HIPAA and national security levels.

We have a range of appropriate content & documents to support the implementation of Catch Security Cloud in your Agency or Organization, please get in contact us to find out more.