Welcome to TukuTuku

Catch's next-gen capability tool and the future of integrated toolchains within organizations.

TukuTuku is not an object, in Māori, it is part of the word for kite (manu tukutuku). TukuTuku actually refers to the unwinding of the string to a kite (the same word as bird manu).

With the range of organizations that have multiple methodologies under the same (or multiple roofs), it's actually all about getting them on the same page.

TukuTuku is about giving the capability for you to soar under control. Where its ability to cross methodology barriers allows you to easily expand understanding, quantify resource capabilities & share knowledge. Understand skill shortages, find out where the key areas to plug your capability gaps are.

TukuTuku allows you to capture a waterfall project's activities, define commonalities, and turn them into processes, activities, run scripts, or simply leave them as captured for posterity.