Meet the Atlassian Jira Cloud add-on that offers your Jira project and issue overview all on one screen.

Gain an advantage with a visual overview of your Jira Projects, Epics & Issues

VisualMap is a simple way to visualize your Atlassian Jira relationships without needing to deep dive into your Jira. Save yourself time and complexity by getting a Jira project and issue overview in seconds. VisualMap also provides you the ability to filter down on resolution, priority, status, issue types and assignee’s.

Visualize complex projects to break barriers, increase velocity and save time digging through issues and gain a competitive advantage in planning and monitoring projects. With the ability to toggle issue connections on and off, you can easily identify dependencies and connections between your project issues.

With quick filters you can focus into what matters, with options to filter by Resolution type, Priority, status and issue type. With a focused view of a project, you can concentrate on what matters to you.


  • Simplifies Jira projects and their issue relationships
  • Bulk edit tickets from one place, simple CTRL + Click each issue and then open them up in JIRA
  • Saves you time by not needing to click into each Jira ticket to view its status and details
  • Understand dependencies and blockers from a distance to keep things running smoothly
  • Make quick, informed decisions easy without the need to scroll and click your way through epics, stories and other issue types
  • Save the need to train non-typical Jira users, when they can come here for a view of ongoing projects and understand the projects and issues statuses

Showing Atlassian Jira tickets at a high level overview and their statuses and relationships

Identify dependencies at a glance

Drive quick and informed decision making with an easy visualization of statuses, connections and dependencies between project issues.

Viewing Atlassian Jira issues and their details from a single overview

Single Pane view of Jira Issues

See issue details without leaving VisualMap. Easily view the details of your issues in a single pane view.

Great for management and higher levels of an organization to gain an overview of projects and their statuses.

Filtering down on the overview to see what you want and to remove unneeded information for clear decision making

Quick filters to focus on what’s important

With quick filters, you can easily focus on value adding views that focus on what’s important. Another way to save you time and keep your day running without clicking through Jira projects.

Bulk Edit Issues

Simply CTRL + Click each issue and then “view selected issues” to bulk edit your issues.. Saving you time and the need to drill down within Atlassian.

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