Getting More from Jira Software


Now you've got the basics, get more from your agile team by upskilling your Project Managers and Product Owners to turn customer needs into company realities as and when they need it.

This course applies to Server/Data Center customers only (not Cloud).

Course description

This course focuses on the Agile project team. Project Managers and Product Owners learn how to turn customer feedback into a well organized backlog and how to ensure that estimation statistics are giving them the information they need.

Scrum masters and board admins learn how to configure boards to meet all project requirements, regardless of the complexity of the project. Developers learn how to use and log time against sub-tasks. The entire team experiences the benefits of Jira Software's integration with development and collaboration tools, for the purpose of monitoring sprints and planning releases. They also learn how to maximize Jira's reporting capabilities.


After attending this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the person/role who can configure a change
  • Turn issues from your feedback loop into a well organized, prioritized backlog
  • Explain the differences between Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and Kanplan process methodologies
  • Articulate what the filter query must do to give you the issues you need on your board
  • Articulate the requirements for a filter query and workflow needed for your team's Scrum board
  • Set estimation tracking statistics to meet your requirements
  • Use, and log time to subtasks
  • Explain what a "scrum of scrums" is and who would use it
  • Describe the purpose and benefit of the Release Hub
  • Analyze reports and glean information from them that can be fed back into sprint planning to improve efficiency
  • Implement dashboards that enable members of the project team to recognize problems and address them in a timely manner


  • Experienced Jira Agile users
  • Jira administrators
  • Agile project/program managers
  • Scrum masters
  • Software development project owners
  • Developers


  • Jira Essentials (or equivalent experience)
  • Basic working knowledge of Jira Software

Note: Don't take this course if you've attended Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset since there is much overlap.


  • Projects and project teams
  • Backlog management (including for Kanban)
  • Sprint planning
  • Estimation
  • Running the sprint
  • Release management
  • Reporting