Improve your business processes with optimized workflows.


This course applies to Server/Data Center or Cloud.

Course description

Discover Advanced configuration and customisation workflow features like conditions, validators, post functions, triggers, and commonly used status and transition properties. Learn workflow best practices and find solutions to common requirements using real business scenarios that apply to workflows across all Jira products.


After attending this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Use advanced workflow features
  • Deal with complex workflow requirements
  • Implement best practices for creating and managing workflows

This course is primarily designed for Jira administrators who are new to customizing workflows.

Anyone who’s interested in designing and maintaining business processes and translating real-world business needs into Jira workflow requirements can benefit from taking this course.


Atlassian University’s Jira Administration Parts 1 & 2 or equivalent. You should also be comfortable with:

  • Managing users / groups / roles
  • Creating and using screens, fields, projects, issues, and schemes
  • Creating and using workflow statuses, transitions and schemes
  • Reviewing basic workflow concepts and configuration
  • Addressing complex real-world process requirements using Jira workflows
  • Creating conditions and validators
  • Automating your workflows with post functions
  • Triggering transitions
  • Extending workflows with properties
  • Implementing best practices using advanced workflow features