Your aspirations, Our backlog of solutions

Catch is aware that with fixed budgets, it’s difficult to identify the main activities that will provide the maximum value to the organisation. Our first stage of introducing Capability as a Service to an organisation is for Catch to undertake high level discovery sessions with a range of stakeholders to understand the challenges facing your organisation and necessary requirements.

From this, we’ll create a list of suggested work items, where we’ll make recommendations on their value to you, the effort required to deliver, and in what priority they are undertaken. We expect to create a list that exceeds your budget, but it allows us together to identify those work items that are key to delivering improvements within the time and scope.

These work items are always able to be reprioritised, as we know that as improvements are delivered, there are changing business priorities that may demand a change in work items.

Once completed, Catch will present the designed & developed solutions to you in your Development environment. Once mutually approved, we will implement them in your Production environment. These activities can be performed remotely or in person at your premises.

We have developed a Catch Maturity Model that helps us to assess where (Customer) are currently sitting in terms of their People, Process, Technology and Information maturity rating. By identifying your current state, Catch can provide guidance and recommendations on work item priorities. This ensures (Customer) moves forward on a responsive path that will increase their maturity level, providing more organisational benefits and value.

By having an agreed CaaS with Catch, any work items identified and covered under this agreement will receive higher priority in Catch’s delivery team backlog. This is due to the reduction of the administration involved in approving each work item as a separate piece, providing an efficient approach to the engagement process with Catch.